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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
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FROM STUDENTS (Adult, Professionals, Masters, Doctoral), CLIENTS

‘After thinking long and hard about it, I feel that you had the most impact on my educational journey’. Rebecka

‘I love how you are so dedicated to your students and the passion you have to help us succeed. That is why I come to you with my future questions! I saw this quote yesterday and it said “the best leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders” and I feel like that is your “fire in your belly”’! Becky

‘I feel I have really resonated with your philosophy of the course. With that being said, I would really love to stay in this section under your direction.’ Dylan

‘Randy offers several ways to engage with budgets for those of us who haven’t. What I like about his suggestions is that he’s encouraging strategic planning of career development. In other words — how can you develop a plethora of skills that your future career requires?’ Eva

 ‘I absolutely love this class and have gained so much from being a part of it! You are the kind of teacher that I hope to be…when I grow up.’ Rhonda

‘I just wanted to let you know that my first interview went great today and I believe that is in big part thanks to you! With the researching I have done so far, I felt confident in the questions I was asking and conversation I was able to have with the Director of Athletic student affairs. I was also able to make a super valuable connection to someone in the field I hope to someday work for. So for that reason alone a SUPER BIG thank you!!’ Jessica

‘The greatest strength of the course was the expertise of the Professor and his willingness to share it with his students.  Doctor Bennett is a UWM treasure.  HRD is a difficult topic to grasp and he makes it digestible’.

‘I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to offer me reflective and thoughtful feedback on my work. In graduate school, we often don’t receive such in depth feedback or responses from our profs, and you have managed to provide both throughout the length of the course.’ Amber

‘You pour so much of yourself into this class for us.’ Diana

‘I really enjoyed the course’. ‘In the future, I would take another course with you and tell other students that they should take your class. Thank you so much for all the extra help.’ Nicole

‘I really appreciate your help. You are awesome.’ ‘Thank you so much for your great insights.’ Wajeeh

‘Thank you for your constant and reflective inputs! As a professor, you clearly were the most involved instructor I have had.’ Mike

 ‘Thank you for the opportunity for me to be creative and encouraging me into something I never thought I could do. This class has opened my eyes wider.’ Charlene

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the class’s content and the efforts you have put in as the instructor.  Thank you for creating an open environment that helped us flex our minds and develop knowledge that ties specifically to our everyday work lives.’ ‘Thank you for your dedication as an instructor, your enthusiasm is certainly refreshing!’ Megan

‘Thank you for a very thought provoking semester.’ Karen ‘I am glad for the course, it made you think.’ Sandy

‘I had no idea I would be learning so much and at such an especially high level. ….by the time this class is over I feel like I’ll be an expert!’ Roshanda

‘I’m also impressed with your activities.  They are engaging, challenging, and give us hands on preparation.’ Meica

‘What a wonderful class to start my graduate school journey with!’ Tammy

‘Thank you Randy for the feedback and suggestions. You are truly helpful in your endeavors to make sure we are getting the maximum out of our graduate experience! I really appreciate all the extra work you put into providing tools, suggestions, and adding your expertise.’ Sara


‘Extremely resourceful is the best way to describe Dr. Bennett. As my professor and dissertation chair, his suggestions and handouts have been invaluable. Every time I hit a ‘wall’, he knew exactly what to say, provided the appropriate resources and/or pointed me in the right direction to keep me on task. Moreover, Dr Bennett was always available – days, nights and weekend. Throughout my education, I have not experienced a more dedicated professor who was challenging, yet helpful. He challenged me to work through my problems and provided just enough assistance to keep me moving forward. To be honest, it would have been very difficult for me to complete my dissertation without his support and resources.’ Dr. Lennor Johnson

‘I have known Randy for over 20 years in my capacity as full time faculty and program director . Randy is an outstanding faculty member who made consistent contributions to adult students’ lives as he engaged them in their graduate and undergraduate studies. Randy prepares thoroughly for his face to face and online courses and provides a nurturing and challenging educational experience for students. Students routinely provide excellent feedback about his overall performance as a faculty member. He has mentored countless students as they prepare for leadership positions in their fields of practice. I was fortunate to work closely with Randy when he designed, developed and directed programming for Adult Student Services. He actively seeks to nurture, mentor and challenge adult students to develop their highest potential for contributions to society and to develop outstanding leaders who lead others. He understands servant leadership, has deep passion for learning and growth and, most of all, his high energy level promotes excellent teamwork and his demeanor as well as work ethic provide a model for other leaders.’ Craig Mealman Ed.D.

‘Randy is detailed oriented and extremely talented. Together we evaluated Motorola University’s training programs. Randy was instrumental in ensuring our evaluations were of the highest quality while still being conducted in a cost-effective manner. His demeanor with customers and internal clients was one of his strengths and I was honored to have him on my team.’ Dave Basarab

‘Dr. Bennett is a hands-on educator, as well as an academic and student liaison at heart. His course goals and objectives revolve around the students and he is extremely responsive to their needs. He provided students the highest standard of care, concern and service. His courses focused on leadership and research, which he exemplified through his interactive and collaborative instructional approach. He believes in the development of the whole student, and strives to reflect best practices in an effort to assist students to achieve desired outcomes.’

Dr. Bennett was active on university committees such as Internal Review Board (IRB), and Rank and Policy, and served as co-chair of Faculty Senate for one academic year. He has chaired several dissertations, and served as reader on many dissertation committees spanning a wide array of subject areas. In addition, he was a co-creator of the Type 75 program-based initiative, and led and chaired several Type 75 committees in preparation of the state approval visit.   Paul Busceni, Ed.D.

‘Randy is a conscientious, dedicated, caring teacher that expects excellence from students.   He calls students to see how they are doing, sends out follow up emails after each class and provides detailed input on their assignments and dissertation. He expects high quality, graduate, doctoral level work to ensure their learning and to sustain the credibility and reputation of the university and our degree programs. He encourages students to step up to leadership in the organizations in which they work, learn, worship, socialize and play.

Randy is passionate about student learning and meeting their needs. Randy has excellent course evaluations and comments from students.   He has created P-12 and higher education professional development learning/teaching aids. He is disciplined but flexible; he is creative and open-minded.

Randy has a strong interest in professional development; he is an advocate of continuous learning and growth for himself and students. Continuous learning and professional development is an integral part of his philosophy of education.

Randy is sincere, respectful, thoughtful, and considerate of others; listens well and has good communication skills. He collaborates and is a team player. He asks how he can help out the department and his fellow faculty members. His counterparts turn to him for assistance. He is committed to serving the university and its community.’ William Nowlin, Ph.D.



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