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Optimal Learning – Professional, Personal
Development and Improvement (

What is the most powerful, effective learning, development and continuous improvement?  

One of the best is Optimal Learning – Professional Development and Improvement (OL-PDI).  

OL-PDI is how we naturally, optimally learn, develop and improve a hobby, skill, expertise or profession–utilizing a 7 step OL-PDI action and accountability plan, and 23 OL-PDI tools.

That harnesses and fully utilizes our amazing, natural learning power and potential, rather than wasting or squandering it, which is what we tend to do.

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Optimal Learning – Professional Development and Improvement (OL-PDI) Overview

How would you like one amazing, powerful tool that helps achieve any work, career goal, whether it’s **Clarifying vision , mission, goals; **Finding a job or keeping one; **Promotions, pay raises ; **Changing careers; or **even Starting a business. That is just one of the OL-PDI benefits this slide show features.

First we need to recognize what our paradigms are, our habits of the mind that close or box us in. We must be open to thinking about work, career, job search in new and different ways. We have to “think outside of the box” as much as we do in it in order to truly maximize our success.

Starting at the top, with what is most important.  What do you want for your work and life—career advancement and success; happy marriage; great friendships; long, healthy life; successful children?

What does your workplace want?:  ** Achieve vision, mission, goals; resolve ** More clients, sales, revenue, performance, results, customer satisfaction, work life balance?

Well, whatever you and your workplace wants comes mainly from learning. Yes, learning! What you and I learn is primarily how we become who we are, and have whatever we need/want.

Consider, for example the huge differences in cultures and countries, and the remarkable difference between us and other living creatures (learning vs instinct).

Just think of what that means; what the tremendous potential and possibilities are with learning, and how it is a shared, diverse, worldwide experience. Look at how much Google searching and other social media are used. How exciting and inspiring!

So what is the most powerful, effective learning, or how do we learn in the most powerful, effective ways? And attain what we want or need the most .

It’s the Optimal Learning Professional/Personal Development and Improvement (OL – PDI) process.

That is how we naturally, optimally learn, develop and improve a hobby, craft, sport or profession/field like photography, cooking, teaching, sales, customer service or management.

ln order to learn a hobby, craft, sport or profession/field, what do we do? We naturally **Talk to leaders and experts; **Read books and magazines; **Take workshops, courses; **Attend professional meetings and conferences; **Gather information, tools, resources; **Participate in LinkedIn and Facebook.

So for example, the initial OL – PDI for customer service (CS) might be : Participate in CS professional associations; talk to CS leaders and experts; attend CS service professional meetings and conferences; gather CS information, tools and resources; develop a CS professional network; engage in CS blogs, LinkedIn groups.

Note how powerful, effective that customer service OL – PDI is for learning the CS Profession; developing and improving CS expertise, and being a knowledgeable, well-informed, successful CS professional/leader.

For another example, the OL – PDI for the Adult Education Administration (AEA) profession/field could be:

Participating in AEA professional association meetings and conferences; talking to AEA leaders and experts; reading AEA publications, newsletters, journals; attending AEA workshops and webinars; researching, gathering AEA information, tools and resources; engaging in AAE listservs, blogs, LinkedIn groups.

Note how powerful, effective that AEA OL – PDI is for learning the AEA profession/field; developing AEA expertise, and being a knowledgeable, well -informed; on the cutting successful AEA professional/leader.

So the OL – PDI process means: A) Immersing yourself in taking workshops; going to professional meetings and conferences; talking with experts; reading magazines, journals; participating in Linkedin (OL – PDI Tools).

B) Becoming a knowledgeable, expert, well – informed, well – connected, successful professional/leader in your work, position, practice, expertise or profession/ field.

What is the result/outcome of immersing and fully utilizing, taking advantage of that OL – PDI process?  What will inevitably happen or come up?

One “biggie” is job openings, the “hidden job market” without having to hunt or dig them up.

How?: just by “getting into” the OL-PDI process and focusing on becoming knowledgeable, expert, well-informed, well-connected, “on the cutting edge” in your work, position, practice, expertise or profession/field. Think of how we “catch” a butterfly.

Most of all and most exciting about immersion in the OL – PDI process, and being knowledgeable, expert, well – informed, well – connected, and on the cutting edge is this.

It strategically positions you and I to see: – **Work, positions, consulting and projects that can be created or reinvented;  ** Niches, unmet needs in the marketplace you can fill and make you rich, AND ** Significant contributions you can make to your work, workplace and profession/field.

That opens up a whole new career fulfilling, rewarding realm or paradigm of possibilities besides just already existing job openings.

Consequently, OL – PDI has been the foundation, launching pad for my long term success creating and directing a new position or department three times, leading or co – leading four major initiatives at some of the best universities and corporations like Motorola, Northern Trust, Navistar.

As you can see, OL – PDI and being expert, well – informed, well informed, on the cutting edge is for gaining what you want for your work, career with less time, effort or hunting whether gaining a promotion, pay raise; making a career change, or even starting a business.

However, there is a big problem or catch. Because OL – PDI is so much a part of our lives, we can easily take it for granted, and implement it in a haphazard, random, hit and miss way.

We may not connect OL – PDI with professional goals, nor an action and accountability plan, and only think of or use just a few of its tools. There are 23 OL – PDI tools.

In other words, we tend to waste or squander the incredible power and potential of how we naturally, optimally learn, develop and improve rather than harness and fully utilize it .

So how do we harness OL – amazing power and potential, and fully utilize or take full advantage of it?

In the OL – PDI Worksheet, the entire OL – PDI process is systematically, thoroughly and effectively set up with a 7 step OL – PDI action and accountability plan, and 23 OL – PDI tools.

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