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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,


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Don’t you want the best 
Education, information; Learning, development
for you, friends, family; your work, workplace, business;
school, profession/professional association,
community/community organizations? 

That has all this and more to best achieve, fulfill
what you, they want/need the most (
See mine at the end)!

♦ A feast, gold mine or cornucopia of
Education, information AND Learning, development like

** Personal, professional, career development; 
** Continuing education, lifelong learning and 
** Life, work life balance/integration, and
** Mall, Programs, Resource Center and

♦ Maximizing, optimizing success, fulfillment
Not The Answer, but your answer, and  
Helping non-profits, “worthy causes”.

Complimentary discussions and gifts you select, and 
Results guaranteed.

♦ 12 Benefits, advantages;
Ways it’s unique/different, special.

If so, then have it all right here in an: 


Comprehensive/Holistic, Full Service, “One Stop”
Education, information AND Learning, development
Center/Department that utilizes

MaxFulfillment and its
Mall, Resource Center;
PROGRAMS (below) and

PROGRAMS for MaxFulfillment

The over 30 “One Stop” learning/teaching aids, programs or resources below are my favorites that are most utilized, requested; unique/special.  They are all about having what you, we want the most for ourselves, work, workplace, business, life like:

Successful, fulfilling, rewarding work, job, career (and life);
Workplace, business or school that’s best/great place to work, “employer of choice” or “best in class”, and an
Outstanding legacy for its leaders, which may be YOU!

Plus, they have all these


♦ Have anything in the Programs below in any way you; your work, workplace, business; school, profession/professional association, community/community organizations would like it—Learning/teaching aid; Discussion, advising, coaching; Talk/presentation; “Lunch & learn”, workshop, webinar.  

♦ Discuss what that could possibly be, such as how any of the programs could help achieve your, their vision, goals, plans and action steps. See Services/Opportunities for other support, assistance.   

♦ Make a program request if Programs, “One Stop” or Mall, Resource Center doesn’t have what’s wanted/needed.  

♦ Plus, get complimentary gifts from Programs or “One Stop” that you select!   


So, fully utilize, make the most of these 


Taken from the “One Stop”

Table of Contents

1  Maximizing, Optimizing Organization Development,
    Continuous Improvement and Success        

a  Organization Assessment

Have you had an Organization Checkup lately   

Baldrige Excellence Builder

Are we making progress
Are we making progress as leaders 

b  Organization, Workplace, Workforce Development and

Business Excellence Models  

From around the world

Baldrige Excellence Framework(s)
For Business/Nonprofit, Education, Health Care 

Similar to ones used worldwide so utilize, take advantage of them.

College/University Accreditation, Quality Improvement 

Similar to Baldrige, Business Excellence Models so something
to learn and benefit from if not in a college/university  

Appreciative Inquiry

So the attention/focus and strengthening, improvement is not just on what is wrong, bad but what is right, good; not just on problems, “burning, keep you awake at night” issues, but on what’s working well, “good news”, successes,  implementing vision, mission

Learning Organization

For education; learning, training and development; continuous improvement to be organization-wide, part of culture and job descriptions, and not just in the Human Resources or Training and Development department 

c  Leadership

Leadership Development/Effectiveness according to
Baldrige Excellence Framework

Meeting the Challenge and Responsibility of Leadership:
Being the Leader That You Are and Is Needed.

Vision and Meaning of Service:
Two Hallmarks of Great Leadership

Maximizing Formal and Informal Leadership:
Supercharging and Fully Utilizing Our “Inner Power”

Gaining Sound Credible High Quality Info:
How to Counteract Gullibility and “Fake News”

2  Maximizing Individual (Employee, Staff)
Development, Continuous Improvement and

a  Assessment

Primary Aim (Gerber)

School’s First Order of Business: You

Comprehensive Individual Profile

b  Professional, Personal, Career Development

How to Stand Out, and Show Who You Are and
What You Have to Offer—For Performance Appraisal,
Promotion, New Position, Career Change 

Safeguarding Your Career and Ensuring Its Success—
in 17 Ways

Optimal Learning; Professional, Personal
Development and Improvement (OL-PDI)

How to Achieve Any Work, Career Goal with
Just One Tool And Save Time and Money Too!

How to Be #1 in Your Profession and
Find a Niche that can Make You Rich.

How to Get the Job That’s a Heart Throb –
Without the Job Hunting and Keep It!

Life Career Transformers:
27 Optimal Growth/Change Agents

c  Maximizing  Support and Advancement
of Adults Education 

Adult Student and Career Services Office (ASCS)

Your Passport to Success and a
Once in a Lifetime Experience” are Here!!

Be free and clear in the New Year
Don’t be left in the rear! 

Put a spring in your Spring

Don’t Make Summer a Bummer
Be an “Up and Comer”

Don’t fall in the Fall

d  Life, Work Life Balance/Integration

Are you capturing or missing out on the
photos and memories you cherish most?

Just because you’re feeling great
doesn’t’ mean you’re healthy.
In fact, you are probably not.

Spiritual Immersion

Learning and experiencing spirituality like living
in a foreign country to learn its language

3 Other  Any thoughts, comments; ideas, suggestions, requests?

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

Call, don’t wait and lose out or can contact you for: 

Any questions, further information, requests; input, ideas, suggestions.

♦ Complimentary discussions and gifts you select from Programs or One Stop. 

Discussion, support, assistance with how an Education information; Learning, development Center; MaxFulfillment and its Programs can help achieve vision, goals, plans and action steps—

for you, family, friends; your, their work, workplace, business; school, profession/professional association, community/community organizations.  See Services/Opportunities for other support, assistance.

Thank you! for posting; sharing, passing along to websites, social media, publications, “people and places”.

Randy Bennett Ed.D.
Full Service, “One Stop”
Education, information AND
Learning, development

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You, friends, family; your, their
work, workplace, business; school,
profession/professional association,
community organizations are: 

♦ Meeting, resolving and achieving all
Education, information AND Learning, development
needs, issues and goals completely/fully;  

♦ Changing, strengthening or improving what you, they want/need; is pressing and necessary, and most of all

♦ Maximizing, optimizing Education, learning, development such as  

Appreciative Inquiry, Baldrige, Learning Organization, Meeting the Challenge and Responsibility of LeadershipSupport and Advancement of Adults Education in Programs

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