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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

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Maximizing, optimizing individual and organizational success/fulfillment
having what’s needed when it’s needed at the click of a mouse or your fingertips

What’s the point or purpose of what we do in life–work, play, sports, the arts ?

► What is a main goal of what schools, colleges, universities do for students like Student Success offices/centers?

► What is a greater purpose for what workplaces, organizations do for staff/employees like talent management and leadership development?

The answer is success, fulfillment whether it’s individuals or organizations!

And we want that success/fulfillment NOW, right away; Instant Gratification  as shown by the enormous popularity and intense use of Google, Facebook and other social media.

What then maximizes, optimizes success/fulfillment?  A top two and what I see and hear about the most are:  

► Having a strong, compelling vision, mission or purpose AND pursuing it.  That’s the hallmark of great leaders and organizations (and maybe a great life). 

► Asking AND addressing the biggest, most important, valuable questions or issues.
That’s what the famous who make the greatest discoveries or contributions do.

So, how do you, I, your group, workplace, community organization maximize, optimize individual and organizational success/fulfillment having what’s needed when it’s needed at the click of a mouse (MaxFulfillment)?

Below is my reply to that question.  What’s yours? 

Are you taking action steps for maximizing, optimizing individual and organizational success/fulfillment?  Do you have a “to do list”, a plan, and carrying it out? 

► If your MaxFulfillment is really well articulated and fully implemented, are you helping others, your workplace, community organization find and carry out theirs?  

What’s the legacy, memories of you and your life that you want to leave behind?  What’s our social responsibility to our communities, workplaces, schools, world?  

To assist with maximizing, optimizing individual and organizational  success/fulfillment, you, your group, workplace, community organization are welcome to contact me  for:

► Complimentary tools, programs and resources in 1 and 2 below;
Any discussion, consultation, questions, ideas or suggestions.

Regards, Randy 

Randy Bennett Ed.D.
847 809-4821

MaxFulfillment Menu 

1-7 below is my reply to How you, I, your group, workplace, community organization maximize, optimize individual and organizational success/fulfillment having what’s needed when it’s needed at the click of a mouse (MaxFulfillment).

Think of them as a list of options or possibilities; a gourmet menu or “feast of learning”, information and resources for MaxFulfillment.  See 7. 

1  “One Stop” MaxFulfillment Learning and Resource Center (  It has over 30 tools, programs or resources for Maximizing, Optimizing Professional/Personal, Career Development and Success/ Fulfillment–Having what’s needed when it’s needed right there at your fingertips. 

2  MaxFulfillment Programs are available on any topic in 1, the “One Stop” Learning and Resource Center or others you would like.  See a sample of them in    

Stores for MaxFulfillment ( also for Maximizing Professional, Personal, Career Development and Success, and Having what’s needed when it’s needed at the click of a mouse.   It’s a “work in progress” so ideas, suggestions or contributions are welcomed.

Optimal Learning, Professional/Personal Development and Improvement (OL-PDI)  ( ol-pdi/)  How we naturally, optimally learn, develop and improve a hobby, skill, expertise or profession utilizing a 7 step OL-PDI action and accountability plan, and 23 OL-PDI tools. That harnesses and fully utilizes our amazing, natural learning power and potential, rather than wasting or squandering it, which is what we tend to do.

5 Adult Student and Career Services Office (ASCS)  for Supporting and Advancing Adults Education—degree (associate to Ph.D.), certificate, continuing education in school, workplace and community, and maximizing student, employee/staff development and success  See ASCS ( and its 14 benefits, advantages or unique, special features (

6 Individual or group meetings, coaching, presentations, webinars or workshops (virtual or in person) for any of 1 – 5 or whatever  your Professional, Personal, Career Development and Success calls for such as:

a. Improving, strengthening performance appraisals; Independent Development Plan (IDP) utilizing 1 – 5.

b. Employee/staff, talent, leadership, management development (

c. Promotion, pay raise; more responsibility, decision making.

d. New position (internal/external).

e. Supporting and Advancing your Education–degree (Associate to Ph.D.) certificate, continuing education (5).

f. Life, work life balance, integration–health, spiritual, financial, work/career, avocations, family, friends. .

7  What would you, your group, workplace, community organization add or recommend for Maximizing, Optimizing Professional, Personal, Career Development, Improvement and Success/Fulfillment?

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