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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,



MaxFulfillment: MAXIMIZING SUCCESS, FULFILLMENT (what we ultimately want) 
Through Health, Wellness and Well-Being (or life, work life balance) utilizing  

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Welcome, Register First, Guidelines and Try Out

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WELCOME! to the HCT Forum.  It’s for Maximizing/Optimizing Health, Wellness and Well-Being; Prevention, Freedom (free as possible from disease, sickness, “aches and pains” and drugs).  How?  ♥ Making changes, improvements or breakthroughs you want/need ♥ removing blocks/barriers and excuses and ♥ having all the info, tools and resources you require.  See  



1 Register and sign in if you are here for the first time. Just click on Register in the top bar.

Fill in login and password and get a confirmation email.  It's just like setting up any other account we do for a credit card or with a bank.  
2 After registering, click on HCT (HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET....) that will open up topics, discussion threads you can reply or contribute to—post, ask a question, leave a reply.

But you may want to first learn and get to know all about a Forum, Discussion Board and how it works in the TRY OUT AREA below.  
3 Click on Subscribe above a Post to be notified when posts or replies are made.
4 If you would like to add a topic, post it on the HCT Open Forum.  The response, replies will determine if it should become its own topic, discussion thread. 
5 You can set up a, your Profile.  Click on My Profile in the top bar and then Account, not Profile to set up it up.  Then others can get to know you and send you a message. You can do the same by clicking on Members and then a name.    



++ Before posting, replying on an actual, live topic, discussion thread for the first time, you may want to first try out, play around and get to know all about a Forum, Discussion Board.  That’s what you can do with Leave a reply below.

++ Try out posting, asking questions, making replies, sending messages. 

++ Click and see what different buttons and drop-down menus do.  


For any questions; support, assistance; input, feedback; ideas or suggestions, click Report lower right to send Admin a message or contact Randy 847 809-4821, 


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