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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,


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Bio Randy Bennett Ed.D. 

Two hallmarks of a great leader (formal and informal) are
outstanding, compelling vision and service.

So, Randy’s grandest vision, purpose is:

“Amazon” of Adults Education

Education, information AND Learning, development
CENTER/DEPARTMENT that utilizes 

MaxFulfillment and its Store/Mall, Programs,
“One Stop”  and Services/Opportunities and has

12 benefits, ways it’s unique, different, special

For service, it starts with Meeting the Challenge and
Responsibility of Leadership


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Randy has over 20 years experience and success in both university and corporate settings directing programs, leading new initiatives; teaching, advising, coaching; developing programs, courses and workshops.  He has created and directed a new position or department 3 times; led, co-led 4 major initiatives at some of the best universities and companies like Motorola, United Airlines and Navistar.  He has developed and facilitated courses and programs from High School to Doctorate in 4 different formats and 3 different settings.

Randy has produced over 30 learning/teaching aids, programs or resources, 2 websites and 4 ‘one stop’ learning and resource centers, such as He has Online Facilitator, Mentoring and ePortfolio certifications; completed Motorola’s Instructor Training and Certification Program, and 4.7 to 5 (5 pt. scale, 4.2 dept. mean) course evaluation ratings.

Results include:  

 Testimonials (  

♦ Long term success from co-directing Motorola University’s leading post-training evaluation and continuous improvement initiative to co-developing Argosy’s education and organizational leadership department and programs.

♦ History of meeting/exceeding client requirements from Accreditation Review recognition for program excellence and innovation at National- Louis University to special awards and employee honors at Northern Trust for pioneering online learning, training, information and resources.

Randy’s ‘skill set’ features: 

♦ Directing programs, leading new initiatives; managing projects.
♦ O
nline and face-to-face teaching, advising, counseling, coaching, tutoring, mentoring.
Developing programs, courses, workshops; teaching/learning aids, information, learning and resource centers (online, face-to-face or on-site).
Leadership, professional/personal, career development; work life balance/integration; adult student and career services; staff and faculty development.
Documentation–policies, procedures, manuals.
Research, best practice.
Evaluation, continuous improvement.

His qualities include:

Great learning capability, breadth of abilities, conceptual and analytical thinking, insightful, pursuit of excellence, results-oriented, client-centered, best practice-based, natural leader, initiative taker, conscientious, integrity, supportive, innovative, resourceful and team player

Randy has a BA in Psychology and Secondary Education, an M.Ed. in Counseling and Student Affairs, and an Ed.D. in Adult Continuing Education and Career Development.  He is currently Maximizing, optimizing his own professional, personal development; work life balance/integration, and especially  service, social responsibility such as

♦ Higher Education Consultant   Program Developer   Ski Instructor
♦ Golf Associate   Photo Art Photographer   High School Teacher. 

Randy can be reached at, or he can contact you.

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