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Adult Student and Career Services
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ASCS is all about addressing any questions, issues or challenges you face, and how to decide, start, do well, graduate on time, and gain everything you want out of your Educationdegree (Associate to Ph.D.), certificate, continuing education and more!   

My BA to Ed.D. as an Adult Student like you have been door openers, Passports to Success, and filled with “once in a lifetime”; life changing, transformative experiences. I am impassioned and devoted to you being successful, fulfilled as well!

ASCS Benefits, Advantages 

1 Support/assistance with any questions, issues or challenges that come up from deciding and starting to finishing and applying/utilizing your degree, certificate or continuing education. See the ones in .     

2 Your own personal, beginning to end, full service, “One Stop” Adult Student and Career Services Office (ASCS).

3  “Once in a lifetime”, life changing, transformative  experiences” like I have had. 

4 Achieving whatever your Education—degree (Associate to Ph.D.), certificate, continuing education is for and more whether it’s better performance appraisals; promotion, pay raise; increasing responsibility, decision making; career change, new position (internal/external); start, further a business.

Ways ASCS is Unique, Different, Special. 

5 ASCS is for Adult Students by an Adult Student well qualified for the job: B.A. to Ed.D.; university and corporate success story; university ASCS creator and director;  Bio; Testimonials  It’s not someone young, less knowledgeable and experienced, and may not have been an Adult Student. 

6 ASCS is not just about finding a new position but whatever Adult Students, Graduates may want out of their Education—degree, certificate, continuing education (4  above).  College/university Career Services are usually, primarily set up for finding jobs and for traditional, 18 to 25 yr old students.  

7 ASCS is “on wheels” coming straight to you instead of you having to go to a campus or office. It’s like and is a doctor making a “house call”.  We can meet when and where you would like–virtually or in-person.

8 Coming to your “comfort zone” at work, home or community can help make Education—degree (associate to Ph.D.), certificate, continuing education possible. You may be too uncomfortable, fearful or intimidated to go back or step inside a college/university.  

9 Furthermore, with ASCS, you can have fun, be like a Columbus or Lewis & Clark, and explore different, diverse degree, certificate, continuing education programs, and find the one that is just right, best for you. That’s not possible with colleges/universities that can only represent their own programs.

10 All the Adult Student and Career Services are in one place/office—a “One Stop” for all your Education— continuing education, certificate, degree needs.  You are not passed on from one person/office to another or have to go to different departments, services or programs for the support, assistance you need.  All of which can lead to frustration, anxiety or loss of interest in school or continuing your education.    

11 ASCS relates, connects, integrates all the different adult student support, academic, career services and programs from deciding and starting to finishing and applying/utilizing your degree,  certificate or continuing education.  They are not separate, independent or disconnected programs, services, departments or offices. 

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Call or email me about ASCS ( for you, your work, department/office, workplace, business, school or community; any questions, ideas or suggestions; sharing, passing ASCS along to others, and a complimentary gift or two in  

I guarantee results, and will connect you with any other support, assistance that is needed!   

Randy Bennett Ed.D.
MaxFulfillment (Vision)
MaxAdultsEducation (Prime example)
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847 809-4821

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