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Maximizing Support and Advancement of Adults Education—
Degree (Associate to Ph.D.), Certificate, Continuing Education
in School AND the Workplace and Community (MaxAdultsEducation)

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Greetings! to Adult students (prospective, associate, undergrad, grad, stop outs, “ABD”s); graduates, alumni.  

I have been, still am an Adult Student like you, from B.A. to Ed.D. They have been door openers, Passports to Success, and filled with “once in a lifetime”; life changing, transformative experiences.  I am impassioned and devoted to you being successful, fulfilled as well!

Just think of all that Education—degree (Associate to Ph.D.), certificate, continuing education can help you gain or achieve like 2 d below. 

It can be YOUR PASSPORT TO SUCCESS!not only for the work, career doors and opportunities degree, certificate or continuing education can open up.  But the character building, professional/personal development, expertise, credentials, credibility, and work life skills you can gain. 

Plus, you can have “once in a lifetime”; life changing, transformative  experiences like I did! 

BUT do you have any of these questions, issues or challenges any student can face? like:

Struggling with deciding, choosing what degree, certificate or continuing education, and school is best, right for you.  

► Too uncomfortable, fearful or intimidated to go back, step inside a college/university or even think about it.

► Transitioning and adjusting to being back in school.  Coping with studying, time and stress management; work, school and life balance.

► Trouble keeping up and not falling behind, completing courses or with graduating on time, in a timely manner.

► Having difficulty, a hard time with homework/assignments, tests/exams, research papers, thesis or dissertation.

► Stopping out, dropping out, course incompletes or “ABD/T” (all but the dissertation/thesis).

Not reaching out for the support, assistance you need, or needing more, better help than you are getting.

► Not achieving the ROI/E (Return on Investment/Expectations) or what you are expecting, wanting from your degree, certificate, continuing education.

► How do you gain whatever you want out of Education–degree, certificate or continuing education whether it’s better performance appraisals; increasing responsibility/decision making; promotion, pay raise; career development or change, new position (internal/external); start, further a business.

If yes to any of them, and maybe you have others, then utilize, take full advantage of the beginning to end, full service, “One Stop” ADULT STUDENT and CAREER SERVICES OFFICE (ASCS) below.

It’s for any question, issues or challenges you face, and how to decide, start, do well, graduate on time, and gain everything you want out of your Education—degree (Associate to Ph.D.), certificate, continuing education and more!  (ASCS is also applicable to traditional, 18 to 22 yr. students as well.)   

1  Meeting, discussion; info, resources; tools, learning/teaching aids; advising, coaching; talk, presentation; class, workshop or webinar (in person, phone or online) on anything in Programs and Store  

Programs can be as is or adapted, customized to what you, your work, dept/office, workplace, business wants/needs.  Make a request for what’s needed/wanted that is not there.   

2  Deciding, choosing the degree, certificate program or continuing education, and what school is right, best for you”, AND how to best apply, take advantage and fully utilize it—during and not just after school is over. 

3 Overcoming any fear or intimidation with going back to school.  Transitioning and adjusting to being in school once again. Staying there, keeping up, not falling behind, and graduating on-time/in a timely manner.

4  Completing homework, assignments, research papers, thesis or dissertation.  Assistance with study skills; test taking; stress and time management; work, school and life balance; overcoming blocks/ barriers. 

Achieving what your Education—degree, certificate, continuing education is for and more, such as:

a  Better, outstanding performance appraisals.
b Action, development, professional, strategic plan, planning.
c Employee/staff, professional, personal, career, talent,
leadership or management development, continuous improvement.
d Promotion, pay raise; increasing responsibility, decision making.
e Career change, new position (internal/external)
f Start, further a business. 

g More work life balance, integration.

See for ASCS benefits, advantages; how it’s unique, different, special.

Call now, don’t wait if you have any of the questions or issues above; for utilizing, taking advantage of anything in 1 and 2; ASCS discussion, ideas or suggestions; sharing, passing along to others, and a complimentary gift or two from

I guarantee results, and will connect you with any other support, assistance that is needed!    

Regards, Randy

Randy Bennett Ed.D.
MaxFulfillment (Vision)
MaxAdultsEducation (Prime example)
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847 809-4821

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