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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

HCT Questionnaire



Do you really care, are serious, take health and your health seriously?

Do you want to change, strengthen or improve it as much as you can, is possible? 

(Or are you a bystander, dabbler or “on the fence”?) 

.If yes, then complete the

Change, Support & Accountability TEAM)
Questionnaire below. You can:  

♥ Answer questions in any order at any time, and share your answers as you complete them. 

♥ Have your responses taken over the phone, or
♥ Email in your answers to the questions in a video, recording or Word Doc file. 

Input, ideas and suggestions from completed Questionnaires

♥ Determine and drive HCT agendas, topics, meetings; speakers, panels, and support, assistance and accountability.

♥ Show the changes, improvements and breakthroughs you and I want to make the most with our health, nutrition and diet. 

Share—post, text, email along to others; neighbors, friends, family, work, community groups/organizations. 

You just don’t know who might be interested or want/need support with their health or know someone who is.    

Or that you could meet with to each complete a HCT Questionnaire and provide each other with needed support, assistance


Change, Support & Accountability TEAM)

Name ___________________________________________

Location, zip code __________________________________________

Email ___________________________________________

1 What do you think, how do you feel about your health, nutrition,  diet?
Do you care, take it seriously; want to change, strengthen or improve it?

2 How do you want to change, strengthen or improve your health?

3 What’s your goals/objectives; vision for your health, nutrition, diet? 

4 What challenges; blocks/obstacles or excuses do you face? 

5 What do you want to do; what can be done about 2, 3 and 4? 

6 What support, assistance, help, and accountability do you want/need?


What’s your input, ideas or suggestions for a HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Change, Support & Accountability Group?

What do you want for the:

1 Meeting day, time and schedule? 

2 Agenda; questions, topics, issues/problems that are covered?  

3 Ongoing, all-around support, assistance and accountability that’s provided or available in between meetings?

4 Info, tools and resources that should be a HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET information and resource center?  


For questions, assistance; your answers; any comments, ideas or suggestions, 
contact Randy, 847 809-4821

And see .

for more info about
HCT (HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Change, Support & Accountability TEAM).