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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

Maximize VIRUS and DISEASE PROTECTION, and offense/defense against Covid-19, “flu season”, diseases or sickness




How would you like to maximize your VIRUS and DISEASE PROTECTION, and offense/defense against Covid-19, “flu season”, diseases or sickness


(HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Change, Support and
Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

5/12 6 to 8 pm

Webex meeting link:

Meeting, virus and disease protection can START NOW, anytime AND CONTINUE indefinitely in the Forum, Discussion Board  So we can have what 2 meeting hours a month is not enough time for: 

♥ Discussing, sharing, collaborating;

♥ Learning, applying, using;

♥ Changing, strengthening or improving, and

♥ Gaining any needed support, assistance and accountability.

That’s ongoing, non-stop, anytime.


Plus, Bonus, Special Presentation, 2 in the Agenda.



How to maximize VIRUS and DISEASE PROTECTION, and offense/defense against Covid-19, “flu season”, diseases or sickness?

Especially since it may really be needed—states might be opening up too soon, people going out too early; not out of danger and possibly a reoccurrence!

You, we all can by: 

♥ Making our health, body and immune system as healthy and strong as it can be;

♥ Helping others do the same—neighbors, family, friends, workplace, community groups/organizations that   

♥ Minimizes infecting one another and is taking social responsibility



It’s not only about whether you get a virus, disease or not, but HOW WELL CAN YOUR BODY FIGHT and move it out of your system.  Just how good or not is your health and immune system.

Furthermore, having a weak, useless immune system can be due to POOR HEALTH, NUTRITION AND DIET and not just a compromised immune system because of some preexisting condition. 

Just look at the sorry, dreadful state/condition our health is in (2 in


That means taking the hearts above seriously and implementing them so they become a reality and part of our lives.  

How?  By taking action, doing something with the Action Steps below for Getting Healthy and Strong, and maximizing VIRUS and DISEASE PROTECTION

Think of them as a “5 Star” menu/buffet. Start with any two or three of your favorites.  See if you can team up with someone who might choose and enjoy the same Action Step (s) as you!

BASICS (1-4) 

1 Start or continue exercising.  For example, in a week, walk fast around the block every other day or walk up and down stairs 4X, or take the stairs instead of the elevator 3X times (SMART goal).  


2 Eat healthier, such as 2 more salads a week and/or fresh fruit with breakfast or for dessert 2x a week (SMART goal).


3 Drink a glass or two of water more a day (SMART goal).


4 Take vitamins, minerals and supplements your particular health and body needs.  (That may call for Health, Nutrition, Checkup

For example, take a multi-vitamin and 7 Vitamin D drops daily (SMART goal).



5 Strengthen, build up your immune system applying, using one of the immune system tools or resources in


6 Learn something new OR make a change or improvement OR remove a block/barrier or excuse.  See 4 in


7 Give your health a gift it deserves—a fresh, new start


8 Have a Health, Nutrition, Diet Checkup


9 Do something with the HCT Getting Started Menu in



10 Help others with their health that helps you with yours.  Do you know that making and keeping an agreement with someone else rather than yourself can be easier and more rewarding?!  See 6 in


11 Participate in a Health community service or ministry


12 Other, what would you add, suggest or would like?


***  Note:  You can use SMART Goals (like 1-4), action plans or behavior contracts and other change agents (Resources for achieving your chosen Action Steps to Get Healthy and Strong, and maximize VIRUS and DISEASE PROTECTION.


Bonus, Special Presentation

How you make HEALTH CHANGES (especially for Covid-19 protection) you know perfectly well must be done but aren’t making—through hypnosis, hypnotherapy/ subconscious analysis?  

That’s what gets down to root cause or real reasons why no, little action.

By HCT Advisory Member Ryan Elliot MSW
Medical Hypnoanalyst, Neurotherapist



Not just in a meeting, but ongoing, anytime in the Forum, Discussion Board 

A Bring up any questions, topics; problems, issues; challenges, blocks or excuses you want to ask about or discuss;
B Ask for any support, help/assistance or accountability you want, need;
C Provide any input, ideas or suggestions from completing any of the HCT Questionnaire  It greatly benefits both you and HCT. 



A – D can, will be included in the Forum, Discussion Board.    

A Determine topic and panel for the next meeting.

B As a result of 1 and 2, what do you want to learn or know more about; to change, strengthen or improve?  What’s most important, top priorities?
C Use a health behavior contract, SMART action plan or action plan (Resources in to achieve one or two top priorities;
D Ask for any support, assistance and accountability you want/need.  



Sunday Muniz 
Nutritional Designs

(See her Ultimate Nutrition webinar & workbook, 
15 Workshops, 11 Recipes, Cooking Classes)  
Randy Bennett Ed.D.
Change, Support and Accountability
847 809-4821

Super zealous, concerned health, wellness, well-being advocate.  Out of all the health, nutrition, diet experts I studied or tried out, Sunday and her counsel and programs connected and helped me the most.  They saved me health-wise; I was lost and then found.  I am:

♥ Enthusiastic about others experiencing that and having OPTIMAL HEALTH, WELLNESS and PREVENTION, FREEDOM (free as possible from disease, sickness, “aches and pains”).

♥ Alarmed and passionate about addressing the sorry, dreadful state/condition of our health that shortens lives or makes it unpleasant to live.  See 1 in

All of the above “fired me up” to create HCT and be inspired and committed to its Purpose, Goals ( with me. 
Kara Beck
Bounce Energy Healing 
Ryan Elliott MSW
Medical Hypnoanalyst, Neurotherapist
630 202-6401

Listen to Hypnotherapy Talk by Ryan first


Thank you! for sharing–post, text, email HCT May online meeting with neighbors to community groups/organizations. 

You just don’t know who might be interested, and in turn, knows someone who has interest or need.  It’s taking social responsibility and giving the Gift of Health.

For questions, further information, discussion;
support, assistance;
input, ideas or suggestions,
contact Randy 847 809-4821,