Not The Answer, but

HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

HCT (HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Change, Support & Accountability TEAM)




For me, these are the greatest, most pressing HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Questions, Needs and Issues—individually AND our health in general/overall.  What’s yours?


Who have you known or heard of that seemed fine, healthy, feeling great; good check-up, no sign of any problem.  Then all of a sudden wham bam, there was a heart attack, cancer, diabetes or alzheimer’s/dementia?  

Would you want that to happen to you, friends, family, or prevent it (prevention)?

How healthy are you really as you STOP! and imagine and think about what healthy diet and living truly is or means?  

And then compare, look at your health, and what it’s really, honestly like.


So, what’s WANTED, NEEDED THE MOST for your health AND prevention? That’s not only for you, but others; neighbors, friends, family, workplace, professional association, place of worship, community groups/organizations?  Such as:

♦ Having a long, healthy, comfortable and enjoyable life Free (as possible) of disease, sickness and “aches and pains”;

 Changing, improving, strengthening or making breakthroughs with your health as much as you can, want or is possible;

♦ Overcoming excuses, blocks and challenges to doing
what you “know perfectly well” has to be done but aren’t acting upon; 

♦ Finding and enriching, empowering your answer, what’s best for you (not The Answer).   Clearing up confusion or overwhelm; making sense out of all the different health advice and programs you see or hear about. 

♥ Plus, more must be done about the bad, dreadful state/condition of our health below that shortens lives or makes it unpleasant to live.  It would mean saving lives, living longer and elevating quality of life.  What ‘s our moral, social responsibility to do so? 

x Overweight you look around and see on our bodies;

x Our lousy; health, life-threatening junk, processed “food” diet saturated with unhealthy, addicting sugar, salt and oils;

x Widespread disease, sickness, “aches and pains”; cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, dementia/alzheimers you see and hear about so much, too much;

x Prescriptions, medications needed to keep us going; alive, and that compromise beyond repair proper functioning of our body’s organs! 

x On top of all that, properly prescribed and used prescription drugs, and the adverse drug reactions from them are “a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death” (Light, New Prescription Drugs, 2014)!

So, what can we, you and I do to answer, meet and resolve the questions, needs and issues above, and yours?

It’s utilizing HCT (HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Change, Support and Accountability TEAM)


1 Monthly blended, panel meetings
(in-person or call-in; panel and not just a speaker that you can help pick)

Meeting follow-up/summary emails.  See 3 for other emails.

2 Ongoing Open Forum, topics, discussion; support, assistance and accountability—in AND between meetings.  See 3 in the Agenda


3 Emails/emailings on Facebook and Meetup 

Email Randy your email if you are not receiving them.  Reply with what you want to say, share or contribute.  See 1 for meeting emails.
4 Postings on Facebook  Post what you want to say, share or contribute.  Like on Facebook and become a member in Meetup
5 Contacting Randy 847 809-4821,


6 Learn and know the fundamentals; gain a strong, solid foundation/grounding in health, nutrition, diet. You could, for example learn from Sunday Muniz’s Ultimate Nutrition webinar & workbook, 15 Workshops, 11 Recipes, Cooking Classes, and get your questions answered at Nutritional Designs 5220 Washington Ave #101, Racine, WI.
7 Utilize, take advantage of the HCT Resource Center for 6, 8 and 11. What would you add or contribute to it?


8 Find and empower, enrich not The Answer, but your answer, what you think is best.
9 Complete the HCT Questionnaire yourself or with others; some or all of it; all at once or piecemeal.  The results

♥ Determine and drive meetings, panels and agendas, and ongoing topics, discussion; support, assistance and accountability, and    
♥ Show changes, improvements or breakthroughs, and excuses, challenges or blocks to make or overcome for the sake of our health.  

10 Determine changes, improvements or breakthroughs to make, and blocks, challenges or excuses to overcome, and
11 Make and overcome them utilizing powerful, effective, best-practice change agents like these:

♥ Food, drink, diet tracking, chart or diary/journal Food-diary vertex
♥ Action plan;
♥ Affirmations, visualizations;
♥ Deep breathing, breath techniques;

♥ 5 whys, root cause analysis;
♥ Gap, needs analysis and closure;
♥ Spiritual incubation;
♥ Inner power manifestation/actualization;

♥ Other __________________________


12 Gain support, assistance and accountability for making changes, improvements and breakthroughs, and overcoming blocks, challenges or excuses.  See 2 and Agenda in
13 Connect with those who care and are serious/take health and their health seriously, and want support, assistance and accountability like you. Team up, form partnerships, help each other out with 6-11.
14 Share–post, text, email the next blended, panel meeting to any one or place–neighbors, friends, family, work; place of worship, community groups/organizations. 

You just don’t know who might be interested, and in turn, knows someone who has interest or need (just like how networking for a job works).  It’s also thinking of others and not only ourselves.  And giving the Gift of Health.


15 Other!?  Anything you would add or contribute?  Thanks!   


For questions, further info; discussion, consultation; support, assistance; thoughts, comments; ideas or suggestions, contact Randy 847 809-4821, 



Change, Support and Accountability TEAM)

2 14 Ways it’s Unique, Different or Special

3 Monthly blended, panel meetings

Meeting follow-up/summaries emails,
such as October’s and November’s

4 HCT emails

Facebook and

5 Change Agents
For example
♥ Action plan;
♥ Food, diet chart or diary/journal Food-diary vertex
♥ Affirmations, visualizations

6 Questionnaire

7 Resource Center