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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

Program Primary




Randy’s primary tools, learning/teaching aids, programs, books and resources for: 

♦ Directing programs, leading new initiatives; managing projects, and
♦ Online and face-to-face teaching, advising, counseling, coaching, tutoring, mentoring

in university and corporate settings.  See Bio for further details. 

You, who you know are welcome to complimentary gifts from this Program Primary that you select! 


Maximizing/Optimizing Organization AND
Individual Development, Continuous Improvement and
Success, Fulfillment


Baldrige Excellence Framework for organization, workplace or business 

Accreditation process for colleges/universities

Life, work like balance/integration for individuals
(employees, staff, students, faculty)

Having what’s needed when it’s needed at the click of a mouse

MaxFulfillment One Stop

MaxFullfillment One Stop Benefits, Advantages

Store/Mall for MaxFulfillment

Maximizing/optimizing organization development,
continuous improvement and success

Appreciative Inquiry Info and Resources

Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence

Business Excellence Models (worldwide)

Gaining Sound Credible High Quality Info

Learning Organization Info and Resources

Maximizing College/University Success:
A Holistic, Systems Approach

What do organizations want the most, and
how do they (successfully) attain it

What do universities/colleges want the most and
how do they (successfully) attain it

Organization Assessment

Have you done an Organization Checkup/ Assessment lately!?  

Are we making progress 

Are we making progress as leaders 

Baldrige Excellence Builder 


Baldrige Leadership (Category 1 and 2)

Core Leadership Effectiveness Model

Leadership Learning Application and Results Plan

Leadership Skill Behavior and Results Indicator Checklist

Making the Business Case

Making the Business Case Examples

Maximizing the Power of Leadership

Meeting the Challenge and Responsibility To Be the Leader that We Are

Vision and Meaning of Service: Two Hallmarks of Great Leadership

Maximizing/Optimizing Individual Development,
Continuous Improvement and Success, Fulfillment


Comprehensive Individual Profile

Course’s First Order of Business: You

Primary Aim (Gerber)

Career, Professional, Personal Development

Full Employment

How to Achieve Any Work, Career Goal with Just One Tool And Save Time and Money Too!

How to Be #1 in Your Profession and Find a Niche that can Make You Rich

How to Get the Job That’s a Heart Throb — Without the Job Hunting and Keep It

Life Career Portfolio

Life Career Transformers

Linkedin Info and Resources

Maximizing Work Search; Professional, Career Development and Success

Multiple Intelligences Info and Resources

Networking and Gifting

Optimal Learning, Professional/Personal Development and Improvement (OL-PDI)

OL PDI Foundation and Tools

Safeguarding Your Career and Ensuring Its Success

Life, Work Life Balance/Integration

Work Life Core Competencies

Amen’s Brain Fit Life: Total Health, Wellness, Work Life Balance

Are you capturing or missing out on the photos and memories you cherish most?

Just because you’re feeling great doesn’t’ mean you’re healthy.
In fact,
 you are probably not.

Spiritual Immersion

Education, Adults Education

Adult Student and Career Services Office (ASCS), Student Success Coaching

Be free and clear in the New Year; Don’t be left in the rear! 

Don’t Fall in the Fall

Don’t Make Summer a Bummer Be an “Up and Comer”

MaxAdultsEducation book

Maximizing/Optimizing Support and Advancement of Adults Education

How to Support Education, Degree Attainment and Utilization in the Workplace, and Maximize Student, Staff/ Employee Development and Success.

Your Passport to Success and a “Once in a Lifetime Experience” are Here!!

Learning and Development

2nd Nature Learning Program Development, Delivery and Evaluation

ASTD Competency Model

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Effective Facilitation Tools and Strategies

Evaluation Info and Resources

New Learning Application and Support

Post-Program, Learning Event Questionnaire

Program Development Planning Info and Resources

Skill Behavior and Results Indicator Checklist

Taxonomy of Significant Learning (Fink)

Research, Major Research Project

Research Libraries Info and Resources

Academic, Scholarly Writing/Paper Criteria

Literature Review Analysis Worksheet

Literature Review Map and Notebook

Proposal, Dissertation Alignment and Recipe 

Research Study Critique

Research Study Topic Selection

Topic Key Word and Sources Map