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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

Are you capturing or missing out on the photos and memories you cherish most?

Photos are not for memories, THEY ARE OUR MEMORIES,

Because too often we can’t remember our past, and photos are our only recollection of it.

And sometimes we look back and regret not having memories or photos of something really important to us.

So what’s most important, valuable to you to have photos or memories of now and no regrets later?

Do you know what that is, like pictures of family and friends, special occasions, prize possessions, important places? Is that something to discuss, clarify and plan for?

Contact me, Randy, 847 809-4821, for determining and capturing the photos or memories you want the most before it’s too late. Don’t miss anything special or important, such as photos of:

  • Family and Friends
  • Special Occasions/Events
  • Possessions and places
  • Workplace and community
  • Other?

See for samples of photo assignments and Visual Poetry or Visual Poems, my vision for photography.

Visual Poetry is the vision I love to express with photography. It’s in between a photo and a movie like a poem is in between say a short essay and a novel. A Visual Poem captures the essence of a visual experience with a series of photos like a poem captures the essence of our experience with words.

Visual Poetry RB is also a way to capture photos and memories of what’s most important, valuable to you! I can do that for or with you.

I can also teach you how to take better pictures and develop your own vision of what you want to express through photography.

Any questions or interest in discussing photos or memories of what’s most important, valuable to you, or how to take better pictures and develop your own vision, contact:

Randy Bennett Ed.D.
847 809-4821