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1 Why do we have a physical exam or tests?  It’s early detection—detect anything that might kill us early before it’s too late.

Likewise, an Organization Checkup or Assessment can reveal what could possibly wreck an organization, workplace or business; what it needs to strengthen, improve before it’s too late or nearly impossible to correct.

2 Furthermore, organizations need to know and understand themselves using an Organization Checkup/Assessment just like individuals, you and I need to know and understand ourselves using individual assessments. 

An Organization Checkup/Assessment can find answers to these crucial questions if you dare; if you have the courage, “guts” or character to do so:   

  • What your organization, workplace or business is really like?
  • What employees, staff truly think of it and its leaders, leadership?
  • What’s the legacy or reputation that you, its leaders want or will leave behind and be remembered for?  Good, great or bad, ugly?
  • Does your organization, workplace or business want to be great or good or just get by; to be a best/great place to work, “employer of choice”, “best in class” or not? “To be or not to be” is the question.

3 Plus, an Organization Checkup/Assessment is needed, foundational for:  

a  Maximizing, optimizing organization AND individual (employee, staff; student, faculty) development, continuous improvement and success/fulfillment……

b  In order to Be a best/great place to work, “employer of choice”, “best in class” (organization) ……

c  That makes work/the workplace (and life) whatever we want it to be–satisfying, rewarding, enriching, fulfilling, successful. See for further details.

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The Baldrige Excellence Framework is strikingly similar to Business Excellence models implemented around the world  So start with its Organizational Assessment(/Checkup), for example, 1  of 3 assessments.

It not only helps detect any organization-threatening problems or issues, and provide organization knowledge and understanding, but attaining the Framework’s 7 Categories is how to accomplish 3 a-c above.

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Contact me for discussing an Organizational Checkup/Assessment; how you, your organization, workplace or business might conduct one, and for a complimentary gift or two in

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