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Maximizing Work Search; Professional, Career Development and Success

  • Are you seeking a new position (internal or external), promotion or pay raise, and not finding one, getting replies or any offers? 

  • If you will be seeking a new opportunity, are you taking action now or waiting until you have to look? 

  • How would like to land the job that’s a heart throb–without the job hunting and keep it!, or to be #1 in your field and find the niche that can make you rich? 
  • How about having work, career tools, programs or resources gathered, researched and developed for you, and save you time and money? 

Well with 1-5 below, you can have whatever you, your workplace, business or community want for professional, personal, career development and success that are:  

  • Like a gourmet menu or “feast of learning” and development;  
  • Just what the enormous popularity and intense use of Google, Google searches and other social media shows that we want–right NOW!, and
  • Saves time and money too! 

1  “One Stop” MaxFulfillment Learning and Resource Center (  It has over 35 tools, programs or resources for Maximizing Professional/Personal, Career Development and Success–Having what’s needed when it’s needed right there at your fingertips.  

2  MaxFulfillment Programs are available on any topic in 1, the “One Stop” Learning and Resource Center.  The 8 in are a sample of them.  

Stores for MaxFulfillment ( also for Maximizing Professional, Personal, Career Development and Success, and Having what’s needed when it’s needed right there at the click of a mouse.

Optimal Learning, Professional/Personal Development and Improvement (OL-PDI)  ( ol-pdi/)  How we naturally, optimally learn, develop and improve a hobby, skill, expertise or profession utilizing a 7 step OL-PDI action and accountability plan, and 23 OL-PDI tools. That harnesses and fully utilizes our amazing, natural learning power and potential, rather than wasting or squandering it, which is what we tend to do.

5  Virtual or in person, individual or group meetings, coaching, presentations, webinars or workshops for whatever your work search; professional, career development calls for, such as:

  1. Outstanding performance appraisals.
  2. New position (internal or external), promotion, raise, more responsibility and/or decision making.
  3. Career development, change or advancement.
  4. Undergraduate or graduate degree (  
  5. Work life balance, integration.

Top coaching, teaching and leadership. See Bio and Compliments

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Contact me for having any of 1 – 5, your complimentary meetings, tools, resources, programs, and Thank You! gift for any input, ideas or suggestions.  I guarantee results or will connect you with other assistance.

Regards, Randy

Randy Bennett Ed.D.

847 809-4821

P.S. Thank you! for passing MaxFulfillment along to others, workplaces, Human Resources, professional associations or community organizations.

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