Not The Answer, but

HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

“Moment of Truth”, Day of Reckoning with Our Health—is At Hand/Upon Us

Can I have your attention please?  This is not only important, but crucial because our lives may be at stake. 

¨ COVID is near, everywhere, worldwide, rising/increasing and another variation.  And we don’t know when a vaccine will be available for everyone, and how effective and long-lasting it will be.  

¨ Face covering, social distancing, washing hands, staying home and out of crowds, and even vaccines are not the answer.  They are like a band-aid, addressing the symptom but not the cause.

¨ Furthermore, other diseases plague us like heart attack, cancer, diabetes, alzheimer’s or dementia, and the 

¨ State/condition of our health is alarming and dreadful.  See 1 in

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We need to do something, something has to be done. The “moment of truth”, day of reckoning is at hand/upon us. 

So what’s the answer, the best thing we can do.  

First of all, to be unhealthy, out of shape and have a poor immune system is no longer an option.

We need, have to take care of and be responsible for our health like we get up and go to work, do our jobs, take care of our families, pay our bills and taxes, and help out friends and our community.

See New Norm for Personal Healthcare

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That means changing, strengthening or improving our health, physical shape and immune system on a regular, consistent basis such as

Making changes, improvements or breakthroughs every two weeks with the support, assistance of a team, family or community

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Start that NOW, don’t wait! Because taking care and responsibility for your health is not only for you and family and friends that love, care about you, but it’s doing your part to help fight COVID; diseases that plague us and the alarming, dreadful state/condition our health is in.    

So take advantage of support, assistance from Q&A to workshop/webinar—Further info, Q&A; discussion, meeting; support, assistance; advising, coaching; talk/presentation, workshop/webinar.    

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