Not The Answer, but

HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

Mission Health, Nutrition, Diet Support & Accountability Team

what’s the mission it’s for

Saving lives, living longer;

Having a long/longest, healthy, comfortable, enjoyable life 
Free (as possible) of disease, sickness, “aches and pains”;

Connecting, bringing together those who care, are serious about their health, nutrition, diet, and want support and accountability. 

To take action do something about the appalling, outrages state, condition of our health

It’s not The Answer, but your answer  bringing together different  so you can make the best choice for you not a biased decision only considering a few

A “village” for health  We have all probably heard that it takes a village to raise a child Well that also might be true for our health, health, nutrition, diet  not only for you, but others, friends, family, your community