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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

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Health Ministry, Community Service


Churches, as you know are a very powerful force for good, what is right and just, and that stand for and care for the greatest needs and issues of its members and community.  They include well-known ones like homeless; sick, shut-in; poverty/low income, hunger; grief/bereavement; divorced, widowed and special needs.

However, another top, huge need and problem crying out for help is the bad, alarming state/condition our health is in (1 in  For example:

X Overweight you look around and see on our bodies. 

X Our lousy; health, life threatening  junk, processed “food” diet saturated with unhealthy, addicting sugar, salt and oils.

X Widespread disease, sickness, “aches and pains” you see and hear about so much, too much like heart attack, cancer, diabetes, alzheimer’s or dementia.

X Enormous consumption of prescription and over the counter drugs that keep us going, alive, and compromise beyond repair proper functioning of our body’s organs!

X Properly prescribed and used prescription drugs, and the adverse drug reactions from them are “a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death” (Light, New Prescription Drugs, 2014)!

X On top of all that is the worldwide spread and rise of COVID that puts it near, everywhere people live.


As a result, we, you and I no longer have a choice to be healthy or unhealthy, to take care of our health or not.  That Changing, Strengthening or Improving Our Health has to be part of our social, civic and even moral, ethical responsibility like we vote, go to work, pay our bills, help family and friends.  See New Norm for Personal Healthcare

Likewise, the Church needs to step up, take responsibility and do their part/fair share, such as:

1 A HEALTH MINISTRY, COMMUNITY SERVICE (individual or group) that is addressing the greatest, most pressing health needs and issues/problems like the ones above.

2 Each church member setting an example, being a role model for personal health care and following Christian, Biblical direction regarding health.

HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN?  For starters, starting out:

1 Utilize, take advantage of health, nutrition, diet professionals like Sunday Muniz, Nutritional Designs and health change, support and accountability enterprises like HCT (HEALTH Change, Support & Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

2 Educate, raise awareness about the sorry, dreadful state/condition our Health is in above.  

3 Emphasize, stress that more COVID protection is needed than face coverings, social distancing and staying out of crowds.  See Wear the Real Mask

4 Make tools, information and resources available like those in the HCT Resource Center 

5 Form partnerships, support groups for doing what we know perfectly well that our health, nutrition, diet needs but aren’t doing it, such as making Biweekly Health Changes

6 Encourage getting a Health, Nutrition, Diet Checkup, the real checkup.

7 Give out the gift our health  deserves or could use—a fresh, new start  Share any “new start resolutions” with others.

8 Help others with their health that helps you with yours.  Making and keeping an agreement with someone else rather than yourself can be easier and more rewarding!  See 6 in, and post, reply, make contributions in the HCT Forum

9 Other.  What would you add or suggest for a, your individual or group Health Ministry, Community Service?


Don’t wait; start, strengthen or improve your Health Ministry, Community Service TODAY.  The need is tremendous and the time is NOW.   

Plus, whatever support and assistance you, your church and members want for 1-2; 1-9 above, you can have it with a range of in-person or virtual help from Q&A to webinar—Q&A, further info; discussion, meeting; support, assistance;  advising, coachingtalk/presentation, workshop/webinar.  Contact Randy anytime.

Thank you! for sharing, posting, emailing, passing along to churches, church websites and publications.

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