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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

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November meeting follow-up HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Support & Accountability Team


Support & Accountability Team
Follow up and notes, “minutes”


Greetings!  First, I am sorry that Sunday, co-facilitator was unable to attend, but one of her talks is included in the November Meeting Notes, “Minutes” below, and she will help to address its questions and topics in the ongoing topics, discussion and support, assistance. 

Also, do utilize, take advantage of her Ultimate Nutrition webinar & workbook, 15 Workshops, 11 Recipes, Cooking Classes


Just to refresh what the purpose is of the HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Support & Accountability Team that’s part of what makes it unique/different, special.  It’s (health) needs assessment and fulfillment: 

<> Changing, improving or strengthening your health, nutrition, diet AND

<> Overcoming excuses, blocks and challenges

<> Not only for you, but others; friends, family, co-workers/colleagues, workplace, profession and community utilizing:

1 Monthly blended, panel meetings
Next one Thurs. 1/9/20, 6 pm -8 pm (in person or call-in; panel, instead of just a speaker that you can help pick)
2 Ongoing topics, discussion; support, assistance and accountability in between meetings.
3 Questionnaire  Complete yourself or with others; all at once or piecemeal.
4 Meeting notes, “minutes”.  October’s and November’s
5 Best practice change agents that produce real, significant change.  See 3 in
6 Resource center for your answer not The Answer
7 Emails.  Email Randy your email if you are not receiving them.
8 Postings on Facebook  and
9 Contacting Randy 847 809-4821,
10 Other, anything you would add     

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Below is what’s in my notes, the “minutes” that fell into three areas: 

Tips, points we made; Change agents that were brought up and What you want to learn, know more about.  

Some of the questions or topics have materials or answers.  Others will be addressed in emails and Facebook and Meetup postings that’s the ongoing topics, discussion; support, assistance and accountability. 


Note, important.  In the end is the opportunity for next steps.  As a result of the meeting and meeting notes, what’s the next best action step(s) for you and your health, nutrition diet. 

And/or you can think of others.  What would help the health, nutrition, diet for friends, family, work, colleagues, co-workers, profession, school or community? 


For any corrections, additions, anything missing; questions, comments or input, 

<> Reply to an email if you are receiving emails;
<> Post in Facebook or
<> Contact Randy 847 809-4821,  

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>


What will help with changing, strengthening or improving our health, nutrition, diet?

1 People that need it (health, nutrition, diet knowledge and change) the most are not here!
2 Food is Medicine

<> Food Is Medicine: The Diet of Medicinal Foods, Science & History

<> Can Food Act as Medicine? All You Need to Know

3 Bowel issues and trying magnesium for it, but magnesium helps in other ways that may be what you need, such as sleep, muscle tension, cramping and headaches.  

<> Magnesium Part 1

<> Magnesium Part 2

<> Magnesium Part 3

4 A good healthy stool, bowel movement should require little use of toilet paper and color of urine should be light.  Use a cup to really see it’s color.  That’s startling, and makes you think and be more conscious about your health.
5 Cleansing of the body should not be forced.  It can remove needed nutrients, minerals.
6 Way to get the best quality food is to grow your own and preserve it.
7 Treat your body with reference and respect like a sacred vessel or holy temple where only best, high-quality foods are consumed.
8 Two inspiring examples of how diabetes was stopped, can be stopped with alternative methods such as cutting out diary and meat from the diet and meditation that increases awareness and truthfulness.
9 How important prevention and balance are. 

HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Support & Accountability Team is about prevention by proactively identifying changes or improvements that need to be made and then making them.  It also may have balance in addressing both optimizing health, nutrition, diet AND overcoming blocks, challenges and excuses. 

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CHANGE AGENTS that were brought up

For changing, strengthening or improving our health, nutrition, diet AND
overcoming excuses, blocks and challenges?
Family constellation work that “uncovers family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations”
2 Spiritual Incubation (Randy). You may have experienced having a problem that you just couldn’t resolve.  So you walk away from it, incubation occurs and then all of a sudden an insight or solution suddenly emerges. 

Spiritual incubation is taking control and making that incubation and insight happen instead of letting it happen and adding a spiritual element to it. 

So take a craving you can’t get over or a bad health habit you can’t break. Think about and hold it in your mind with attention on the “third eye” (between the eyebrows).

Then imagine focusing light, energy, power; intelligence, wisdom within you/all of us like you would the sunlight through a magnifying glass to burn a hole in a leaf.

No matter what the distraction may be, keep bringing your mind back to the problem, issue, and the light, energy, power, within you so ideas, insights, solutions can come up.

3 Bradley Nelson
The Emotion Code
Chapt. 1 and 2

The Emotion Code Charts
4 Raise our vibrational level and recognize the power of our thoughts and that it must be utilized.  No matter how we may feel, such as depressed and have no thoughts, we still must make them and affirm what’s best for ourselves and our health (Kara).
5 Bruce Lipton Epigenetics
Role of Consciousness in Healing
6 The greatest contributor to cancer is fear

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>


1 How do you live to be a 100  For example, lessons from the Blue Zones
2 How to deal with the Holidays that can be threatening to our health
3 How to change, strengthen or improve our thoughts, beliefs and behavior even more

Randy’s answer.  Optimizing our health is not a short-term weight loss, but a long-term lifestyle change.  Likewise, maximizing thought, belief or behavior change is not something that comes from only trying it when a problem, issue comes up.  It’s an ongoing, continuous process of changing, strengthening, improving thoughts, beliefs, attitudes utilizing, working with 1 to 3 change agents that you resonate and work best with. 

For me, #1, the base/foundation is spiritual practice; Sufis, SOS and particularly “walking meditation”.  That’s constantly affirming, and visualizing the highest, greatest thoughts and images that I can think of AND that quicken my spirit, stir my soul the most.   That is so important, crucial for them to be effective.  It’s not “just any old thought” or image but ones that are a “wham, bam” for me, my light, energy, power.  I am glad to share them if interested. 

4 Learn more about water.  What’s the best water to drink? How much to drink?  How do you prevent water from rinsing out minerals, nutrients?
5 How do you address the cravings that you still have?  See the change agents above.  

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Opportunity for NEXT STEP(S) and making changes, improvements or breakthroughs, or overcoming excuses, blocks or challenges.

<> As a result of the Nov meeting and notes above, what are the next step(s) for you? What’s a change, improvement or break-through you want to make? And how will you do it?

<> And/or you could think of and help others— friends, family, work, colleagues, co-workers, profession, school or community with health changes, improvements or breakthroughs they need to make.  How could that happen, such as doing something about the bad, dreadful state/condition of our health? See beginning of

<> In either case, you could:

***Use the HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Support & Accountability Action Plan, and

***Reply to any email if you are receiving them; Post in Facebook or Contact Randy 847 809-4821, with anything that might support, assist you or anyone else. Take advantage of the ongoing topics, discussion; support, assistance and accountability.