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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

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What’s needed is transformation,

Oct meeting follow-up HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Support & Accountability Team

Greetings!  This is a Follow-Up to the October meeting HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Support & Accountability Team

If you did not go to the meeting, you are welcome to join in, participate and contribute—questions, answers, comments; input, ideas or suggestions as if you did.

Thanks to all of you who came.  I am excited about the discussion that we had, and that we have a core, nucleus or start of a “village” to raise our health, nutrition, diet to what we want, need it to be.  I added ones to the email that could not attend, but wanted to.  People can be added anytime.  See 6 below.   

Post or reply all, and answer or contribute to any of 1-6 that you would like.  It doesn’t have to be all of them.   

1 Anything missing or that you would add, change or correct in the October meeting notes below. 

2 As you look at the Questionnaire, is there any other input you would like to provide?

3 What are one or two takeaways from the meeting; something you liked, learned or realized?

4 As a result of the meeting, what is one change, improvement or break-through you want, need to make?

5 How we can make real, significant change is utilizing powerful, effective, best-practice change agents like these:

a Food, drink, diet tracking, chart and diary/journal Food-diary vertex;

b Action plan;

c Affirmations, visualizations;

d Deep breathing, breath techniques;

e 5 whys, root cause analysis;

f Need, gap analysis and closure;

g Spiritual incubation;

h Inner power manifestation/actualization;

i Another, other you would add.

We can take care of 1-4 first and then consider 5.  1 Notes and 2 Questionnaire determine, are the basis, foundation for agendas, panels and the ongoing discussion, support and accountability. 

6 Who else would you add to the Team that want, need their health changed, strengthened or improved, and who could be a key part of your support and accountability. 

They could complete the Questionnaire so the HEALTH, NUTRITION, DIET Support & Accountability Team can serve them, be what they need as well. 

If you have any questions, requests, contact me, Randy 847 809-4821,   


Anything missing; you would add, change or correct.  The meeting, discussion, input continues.


1 Meet once a month

2 Check-in once a week–something positive; what are you changing or improving; questions you have; support, assistance that would be helpful


1 How to find, figure out your answer, what works for you

2 Restful sleep

3 Inner motivation

4 What are drivers or motivators for taking care of your health like family, able to play with grandchildren and not just have to watch it   

5 Kids overweight and what to do about it

6 How to learn, benefit from others and their experience in changing, improving their health  

7 How to take care of and nurture yourself and your health, nutrition, diet

8 How to overcome the “sugar blues”; diabetes

9 Changing your mindset; reprogramming your mind; getting the mind right, in right frame of mind

10 How to use spirituality, meditation, inner spirit and guidance for changing, improving our health

11 Cost of eating healthy, organic or natural; not a much as you would think

12 Role of food, how it’s used to relate, connect; show love, friendship, family togetherness, hospitality

13 How to find out blocks, underlying reasons for not making healthy choices


1 Addiction to snack food like potato chips

2 Taking too many pills, lessen them

3 Time, transportation, age restrictions

4 Real hard time sleeping, dreams too vivid

5 Don’t know what’s going on in our bodies; know I am here and want to be here, but don’t know how to close the gap

6 Not hungry during the day, but real hungry at night

7 Improve waistline


1 Affirmations

2 Visualizations

3 Breathe, Breathing

4 Audio tapes

5 Learn, be educated, gain info according to the learning style that suits you best

6 Change agents

7 5 whys; root cause analysis

8 Food chart, tracking

9 Action plan


From Chocolate to Morphine Andrew Weil