Not The Answer, but

HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

Want the Best Health? Learn and Practice HEALTH FUNDAMENTALS

Just like playing sports and music requires.

Not The Answer, but

HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information
What’s needed is transformation, 

Think about the basics, fundamentals it takes to learn and play a sport or musical instrument and how they can’t be played without them?

In fact, if a sports team is not doing well, what do you hear? Have to get back to the basics or fundamentals.

Plants can’t grow or grow well if their soil does not have the required water and nutrients.   A house and its stories can’t be built without a foundation.

We know and accept the basics/fundamentals that make healthy soils, playing a musical instrument or a sport possible, and that a house must have a foundation.

But how much do we equally recognize and acknowledge that is the case for health, wellness; our health, nutrition, diet?  That they too that have their basics, fundamentals or foundation.  That must be taken care of, built up, or optimal health, wellness is not possible.

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֍ What are basics, fundamentals or a foundation of health, wellness?  

THAT OUR LIFE DEPENDS ON and what it’s like?  Whether it’s longer or shorter; a comfortable, enjoyable one, or miserable and full of “aches and pains” and pills/drugs.  See below.

֍ How do we begin to implement Health Basics/Fundamentals effectively and make them part of, a way of life and a healthy lifestyle?  It’s in at least 4 ways.

1 Set and implement SMART Goals  See

2 Make a baby step health change every 2 weeks on a regular, consistent basis.  See

3 Implement all 7 Health Basics/Fundamentals, and not just 2 or 3.  For example, exercising and drinking the water your health and body needs, but not getting the sleep, and vitamins and supplements they require.

4 And not half-done like only 6 hours of sleep and just 15 minutes of exercise.

Our body is a total, integrated, complete system where every part of it works together like a machine; is interdependent upon one another like pieces to a puzzle or instruments for a symphony.  So Health Basics/Fundamentals have to be fulfilled–completely, thoroughly.

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1 Exercising—30 min daily on a regular, consistent basis.

In a week, walk as fast as you can around the block every other day (SMART Goal).


2 Drinking water and keeping your body hydrated—7-8 glasses to begin with.

Drink at least two 12 oz bottles of water a day (SMART Goal).


3 Sleep—7-8 hours on a regular, consistent basis.

Each night go to bed 8 hours before you have to get up in the morning (SMART Goal).


4 Breathing and keeping your body oxygenated.

For 6 to 8 times, inhale fully, deeply through the nose and moving stomach to a count of 6, hold for a 4 count and exhale counting to 6; once a day, morning or evening, every other day (SMART Goal).


5 Eating natural, plant-based foods like fresh fruits and vegetables that grow out of the ground and what our bodies are meant to consume—daily, 3 meals a day and snacks.  And 6

Eat 2 more salads a week for lunch or dinner, and/or fresh fruit with breakfast 2x a week on Tuesday and Friday (SMART Goal).


6 Minimizing, lessening junk, processed “foods” saturated with unhealthy, addicting sugar, salt and oils.

The trick is not trying to stop it but by putting something else in its place. Instead of a hamburger, eat a “beyond burger” at least five times.  Instead of a piece of chocolate, try a piece of fresh fruit at least five times (SMART Goal).


7 Taking a multivitamin each day and supplements for any vitamin, mineral deficiencies you have.

Take a multi-vitamin and 7 Vitamin D drops daily (SMART Goal).

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What are you waiting for?!  Save your life—from misery, “aches and pains” and pills/drugs, and have optimal health, wellness and comfortable, enjoyable living.

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