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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

Just because you are feeling great
doesn’t’ mean you are healthy

In fact you are probably not.

Even if a physical exam and doctor say you are in “good, excellent health”.

That might provoke something like: Wait a minute, how can that be, that’s not right!! 

A physical exam and doctor saying you are in “good, excellent health” is based on the “medical model”.  It really means you are free of disease or what might lead to it and kill you. 

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy; on a proper diet, eating and drinking correctly; getting the nutrition and vitamins, minerals, nutrients your body requires.  Are you?

  • So find out the state or condition your health is in; any deficiencies; missing or needed vitamins, minerals, nutrients.

Meet with a health, nutrition, diet practitioner for a Ph test to determine alkaline acidic balance, basal temperature analysis (healthy temp 97.4), and a health, nutrition assessment of the same lab results/metabolic chart a doctor and physical exam uses (can get from your doctor’s nurse).  SEE THAT PRACTITIONER LIKE YOU WOULD A DOCTOR—FIRST.

  • Notice how too many are not slim, trim, fit, but have excess weight on the stomach, around the waist or under the arms. How many do you know or hear about that are, should be on a diet or want/need to lose weight? 
  • Look at an alkaline acidic chart and see how your diet, what you eat and drink is probably way more acidic than it is alkaline. If so, a Ph test will show just how acidic your body is.
  • Have you heard of people that were fine; feeling good, healthy, and then wham, bang a heart attack, cancer, diabetes.
  • What are you eating and drinking, and how does it make you feel—physically and mentally? Is it the best for your health, wellness or well-being?  Would you recommend that your children or loved ones eat and drink like you do?

But note that apart from any unhealthy state or condition, we humans have a basic need or requirement for health, to be healthy, or we get sickness or disease.  We must have the right, proper diet and nutrition, just like animals and plants require the right nutrients or diet, or they die, become extinct.

So what improves, strengthens health, diet and nutrition AND is basic, essential diet and nutrition we humans require to exist and prevent, minimize sickness, disease? 

That starts with the “Bare Essentials” below.  It’s based on the foundation, fundamentals or essentials advocated, stressed the most by Sunday and Karen (see below), my two main health, diet, nutrition guides. 

Bare Essentials is not the “Answer” or the “Truth”.  It’s:

  • Simply my roadmap/blueprint for basic, essential, proper diet and nutrition; eating and drinking correctly; getting the required, needed vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and preventing, minimizing sickness, disease, and
  • About what’s easy, simple; not too hard to implement or change over to; that requires minimal prep or cooking.

Note how Bare Essentials strives for alternatives to unhealthy, processed, junk food and drink, and includes plenty of vegetables in a variety of ways for that is a main source of protein.  It’s like a vegetarian, whole foods diet but is governed by alkaline acidic food chart and balance. 

Bare Essentials can therefore HELP WITH LOSING WEIGHT, and be considered a WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM as well.

I am sharing Bare Essentials to help you strengthen or develop your own plan, and to help provide any discussion, input, support or assistance you would like. 

It’s also because I am passionate, fired up about maximizing, optimizing our health, wellness and well-being, and living a long, healthy; sick/disease, pain-free; feel-great life.  I am bothered and outraged over a world of predominantly unhealthy, processed, junk food and drink; strong, bad eating habits; powerful, destructive salt and sugar addictions; way too much overweight and sickness/disease like cancer, heart attack, diabetes, alzheimers—at younger and younger ages.  We’re “growing up to die”, a HS student told me, which threw a big log on the fire.

What an incredible shame and waste of life, productivity and fulfillment.  It’s like our health, nutrition is ”back in the dark ages” in a time when the standard and quality of life is, can be so high.   

Bare Essentials 

Bare Essentials is just like the fundamentals of any art, sport or skill.  It requires learning, mastery and becoming part of our life, daily living.  That might clear up particular health issues or ailments without having to specifically address them, or make the treatment of them most effective and long lasting.  

What is your Bare Essentials plan, blueprint or roadmap?  Here’s mine.              

  1. A complete multi vitamin with fruits, veggies and greens; Omega-3 Fish Oil and vitamin D. That’s a starting point, and an optimal health, nutrition base or foundation for both Sunday and Karen. 
  1. For water, use reverse osmosis water. Where I live, I get it at Festival Foods or Piggly Wiggly.  Make it mineral water (at the top of alkaline foods) with a pinch of sea salt, coral and baking soda.   
  1. Start with at least 64 fluid ounces of water daily and increase to half your body weight. Flavor the water with preferably fresh squeezed lemon juice or any of the highest fruits on the Alkaline side of the Alkaline Acidic food chart.  I use pure lemon juice because it’s easier, and flavor with orange juice to help me drink more water.  
  1. Bring and keep your body in alkaline, acidic balance using an alkaline, acid food chart. It’s a top priority for both Sunday and Karen. Why? If our body is out of balance and too acidic, it’s like a polluted fish tank and breeding ground for sickness/disease.  How unhealthy is that! 

So if a Ph test or looking at an alkaline acidic food chart show that your body or diet is too acidic, then the chart becomes a shopping list for only alkaline food and drink until your alkaline acidic balance improves. 

  1. Alkaline trail mix I make from only the alkaline side of the acid alkaline food chart. It includes cashews, almonds; pumpkin, sunflower seeds, and dehydrated, not dried fruit like raspberries, strawberries, pineapple, mango and blueberries.  It’s a big, main food and snack for me instead of succumbing to chips, crackers or other unhealthy snacks.  It’s so easy to eat and munch on throughout the day, and include with meals; soup and salad.    
  1. A salad every day with lots of fresh, raw, organic, alkaline vegetables using different organic salad dressings. I add the alkaline trail mix, chia and flax seeds, and season with garlic, dill weed, celery seed, onion flaks. 
  1. Fresh, raw, organic, alkaline vegetables as a snack using organic salad dressings and humus as dip, stir fry and of course in a salad. It is more protein and another way to stay away from chips, crackers, processed foods and other unhealthy snacks/food.  Raw is also better than cooking for gaining the most value and nutrients. 
  1. Veggie burgers. That are an answer to the question of what to do for protein if you don’t have meat, chicken, turkey or cheese. Along with eating plenty of different vegetables. I have tried several and like Boca and Morningstar the best for store bought ones.  Farmer’s markets can have more interesting, flavorable choices that are not found in food stores. 
  1. Smoothies that include protein or seed powder, apple cider vinegar with mother and the highest fruit or vegetables on the Alkaline food chart. That is how I easily consume a variety of needed, important fresh fruit at one time that would otherwise sit around, never get to and spoil. And another way to get protein!
  1. Organic soups especially the vegetable ones that help me stay away from unhealthy snacks and processed foods. They are so easy to carry around, on the go, and pop open for a snack, and part of lunch, dinner or even breakfast!  Sometimes I add a little protein or seed powder; alkaline trail mix; raw, ground up or stir-fried vegetables.
  1. If you drink milk, drink a non-dairy one like rice, soy, almond. I like the vanilla Rice milk the best.  Sunday says to rotate among the non-dairy drinks doing one for a while and then another.
  1. For a sweetener, use stevia rather than sugar, honey or artificial sweeteners. It’s at the top of the Alkaline foods. 
  1. For salt, use a true pink, colored sea salt. If it’s white and says sea salt, it’s not sea salt.  It’s interesting that the typical table salt is at the bottom of Acidic foods and true sea salt is at the top of Alkaline foods.
  1. For oils and cooking, olive oil or coconut oil are the best, healthiest.
  1. Anything you would add to the “Bare Essentials”, what is absolutely necessary for the health, nutrition we require or improving, strengthening it?
  1. Next steps: See your health, nutrition, diet practitioner.  In general, no dairy, wheat or grains; less and less processed foods, more and more fresh fruits and vegetables; more natural, organic, GMO free, locally grown, gluten-free foods.  Yes that costs more, but what is your life worth.

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