Not The Answer, but

HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

HCT E-Booklet

and imagine and think about what healthy diet and living “really truly” is or means. 

Thencompare it to your health, diet and lifestyle.   

♥ What’s the difference?  What’s your health honestly like?  Not healthy, well, feeling great like you want or it could be; needs some or much improvement, big changes?

♥ What changes; improvements or breakthroughs does your health, nutrition, diet need most?

♥ What are your greatest blocks/barriers or excuses that must be removed?
Do you “know perfectly well” what has to be done, but are not doing it?


For answers, what to do, the HCT E-Booklet below is for you AND anyone you know whose health is like yours or could use some change or improvement.   You, family, friends, others can have it all whatever you want/need for your health, nutrition, diet.  Team up, work together, help each other out.       


Table of Contents

To take advantage and make the most of the E-Booklet, be like a Columbus or Lewis and Clark; have fun and explore what’s  below.  You can skip around, don’t have to go in order; can just investigate one at a time, anytime, as much as you would like.

Take notes, keep a travel log/journal; see what sparks your interest; what you would like to learn, try out or apply. 

Then use SMART Goalbehavior contract or action plan (in Resources for any learning, trying out or applying. 

1 Vision, Mission; Purposes or Goals 

2 Questionnaire

3 Checkup

4 Action Plan 

5 Forum, Discussion Board

6 Optimal Health Model

7 Biweekly (Baby Step) Health Change

8 Biweekly (Baby Step) Health Change Meetings

9 “BOTTOM LINE” To Fighting and Minimizing COVID/Diseases?—CHANGE

10 Information, Resource Center 


12 Wear the Real Mask; Get the Real Protection

13 “Moment of Truth”, Day of Reckoning

14 New Norm for Personal Health Care

15 Start Your Health Off Right—New Year or Anytime

16 Start Your Health Off Right—In MLK Style

17 Healthy Holidays

18 Health Ministry, Community Service

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In Meetup


Don’t wait, get started NOW or keep going with strengthening or improving your health and have all the in-person or virtual help you need from Q&A to webinar—Q&A, further info; discussion, meeting; support, assistance; advising, coachingtalk/presentation, workshop/webinar.  Contact Randy. 

Thank you! for any input, ideas or suggestions, and sharing–post, text, email HCT with neighbors to community groups/organizations.  You just don’t know who might be interested, and in turn, knows someone who has interest or need.  And it’s taking social responsibility and giving the Gift of Health.

Randy Bennett Ed.D. 
Change, Support and Accountability
Team, Community) 

847 809-4821 
847 809-4821 

 Super zealous, very concerned health, wellness, well-being advocate.  Out of all the health, nutrition, diet experts I studied or tried out, Sunday** and her counsel and programs connected and helped me the most.  They saved me health-wise; I was lost and then found.

Then I became:

♥ Enthusiastic about others experiencing that and having OPTIMAL HEALTH, WELLNESS and PREVENTION, FREEDOM (free as possible from disease, sickness, “aches and pains”), and 

♥ Alarmed and passionate about addressing the sorry, dreadful state/condition of our health that shortens lives or makes it unpleasant to live.  See 1 in

All of the above “fired me up” to create HCT (HEALTH Change, Support & Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)   

** Sunday Muniz 
6220 Washington Ave. Suite A
Racine, WI 53406
262 632-6500

Thank You! and acknowledgment as well to 
Denise Lockwood
for completely transforming my work style
from being educational to “make a statement”.