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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

“BOTTOM LINE” to Fighting and Minimizing COVID/Diseases?—CHANGE

Are you: 

© Fed up with COVID and wish it would just stop and go

© Tired of face masks, social distancing, sanitizing hands and staying at home all the time?

© Want to really do something about it that is maybe the best you and I can do?

Then you, I, all of us need to change, strengthen or improve our health on a regular, consistent basis. 

With COVID all around, everywhere, worldwide and still increasing, we, you and I can no longer be unhealthy, in lousy shape and have a poor immune system.  It’s not an option.  See New Norm for Personal Healthcare

So here are ways to change, strengthen, improve or make breakthroughs with our health that fight and minimize COVID and diseases that plague us like heart attack, cancer, diabetes, alzheimer’s or dementia.         

1 First would be wanting, ready and prepared to change. 

But in this case, ready or not, changing, strengthening or improving our health and immune system is crucial, of the “utmost importance”.  Just look at the sad, dreadful state/condition our health is in (1 in   

2 Look in the mirror and give yourself a hard, honest talk.  Confront yourself about the reality of your health, and what it needs and has to change. 

3 Be real clear, specific and detailed about how to change, strengthen or improve your health and immune system.  For example, you could start with the results of a Health, Nutrition, Diet Checkup and what that calls for. 

4 Write down and address any blocks, barriers and excuses.  Be completely, if not “brutally honest” about anything, everything that gets in the way of doing what you know your health and immune system need/require.  Do that with someone who knows you well so you can make sure nothing is left out or not laid out (part of 10).

5 Write down any negative thoughts, feelings you have about your health and changing, improving it, and then turn them into positive thoughts, statements and visualizations (affirmations and visualizations a huge, important change agent).

For example, for me, I don’t have time, I am too busy.  No, I make time like I would an emergency or crisis.  Because MY LIFE, THE QUALITY OF IT AND HOW LONG I LIVE DEPENDS ON doing what my health and immune system needs/requires!   

6 What are your goals/objectives for your health?  Picture, imagine in “vivid detail” what a healthy life, lifestyle would be for you—eating, drinking, snacks, exercise, sleeping (visualization).   

7 Stay motivated, committed to changing, strengthening or improving your health and immune system.  For example:

© Look at what has happened to others in the same health state/condition you are in or what it will lead to. 

© Just think of, realize the impact/affect you not unhealthy, weak, incapacitated or even dead will have on your family and friends.

8 Reward yourself for the changes, improvements you make.  For example, make a deal.  You make a change your health and immune system needs the most, and then and only then do you get something you want the most.

9 Tell friends, family, who’s closest to you about how important improving your health is and what changes, improvements you need to make.  So they can support, remind you and help with accountability. 

10 Gain support; help, assistance and accountability with a partner, team or “village”.  Not only from those who are supportive or willing to help, but ones who take their life and health seriously, know they have to change and are doing something about it.

11 Include someone who is particularly good at helping to hold you accountable with accomplishing 1-10; lovingly confronts you, gives “tough love” for the change, improvement your health and immune system requires or needs (accountability partner).   

12 Yes, there are many techniques, approaches or ways ( to change, strengthen or improve one’s health, but there is no one, best way.  It comes down to exploring, trying out and finding what fits and works best for you. Listen, trust your gut; what resonates, quickens your spirit, excites, “feels right” or “rings true” for you.    

For me, out of all the health, nutrition, diet experts I studied or tried out, Sunday ( and her counsel and programs connected and helped me the most.  They saved me health-wise; I was lost and then found.

13 How, where, to start?  Begin with basic, fundamental change agents that research shows are “best practice” for making changes or improvements—SMART goals, action plans and behavior contracts (in Resources  For example, see SMART Goal with Action Plan  

14 Resist the feeling or temptation to “make up for lost time” or “do it all at once”.  Baby steps are okay (and produce the best results).  Be the tortoise and not the hare.  You will still cross the finish line.  Remember “inch by inch it’s a cinch, yard by yard it’s mighty hard”.  For example:

© In a week, walk fast around the block every other day or walk up and down stairs 4X, or take the stairs instead of the elevator 3X times (SMART goal).

© Eat 2 more salads a week and/or fresh fruit for dessert 2x a week (SMART goal).

© Drink a glass or two of water more a day (SMART goal).

15 What would you add or suggest for ways to change, strengthen, improve or make breakthroughs with our health?

© © © © © © © © ©

Start NOW, don’t wait with changing, strengthening or improving your health and immune system!  It’s what we all need, must do to fight and minimize COVID and diseases that plague us like heart attack, cancer, diabetes, alzheimer’s or dementia.

So that everyone is helping out and doing their part to make a SAFE, HEALTHY, ENJOYABLE LIFE, COMMUNITY AND WORLD for all of us.   

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