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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

Health Care Provider Outreach

Greetings! to all Health care; wellness; nutrition, diet providers,

such as chiropractors; nutrition, diet experts; acupuncture, massage professionals; fitness centers; health stores; company health, wellness coordinators. 

This is about how much you want to help your clients/customers, employees, patients out, and the resources you draw upon for doing that.  Here’s one of the best to share with them:

The Health, Nutrition, Diet Support & Accountability Team. 

It’s agenda, meetings and ongoing, continuous support, assistance are all about WHAT’S NEEDED, WANTED THE MOST for the goodness sake of your health, nutrition, diet—Not only for you, but others, friends, family, community?  For example: 

♥ Having a long/longest, healthy, comfortable, enjoyable life; 
Free (as possible) of disease, sickness, “aches and pains”;

♥ Changing, improving, strengthening your health, nutrition, diet;

♥ Overcoming excuses, blocks/obstacles to doing what you know must be done for your health, nutrition, diet but aren’t acting upon; 

♥ Clearing up confusion, overwhelm; sorting out, making sense out of all the different health, nutrition, diet advice and programs you see and hear about.

for more, further details. 

♥ The October; Tues., 10/22 meeting and Pre-Meeting Input in particular   

Let me know if you would like to:  

♥ Contribute or take part in a meeting; 
♥ Be on a panel or advisory board, or 
♥ Know of others; Health care; wellness; nutrition, diet providers who might be interested in supporting Health, Nutrition, Diet Support and Accountability.

For questions, further information; contributions, participation; input, ideas or suggestions, contact Randy 847 809-4821,