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What makes leaders and organizations great, the best?

“A systems perspective means managing all the parts of your organization as a unified whole to achieve your mission………And it means ensuring that the individual parts of your organization’s management system work together in a fully interconnected, unified, and mutually beneficial manner.” (Baldrige Excellence Builder).

Organization & Employee Development (OED) is a discipline of Human Resources that “unites and advances the business objectives of all other functions of an organization” (Society for Human Resource Management).

That unified, holistic, systems approach is the one that MaxFulfillment takes and why there are two ……AND……. below.  

Why an Education, information AND
Learning, training, development

Education, info/knowledge go together with Learning, training, development like our left and right hand.  They are inseparable; can’t have one without the other. 

In fact, gaining information/knowledge comes first before formal, structured learning, and can be thought of as a hierarchy of learning.  When we want to know or learn something, we tend to first seek information, knowledge.  “Just give me the facts ma’am” or sir as shown by the enormous, intense use and searching on Google, You Tube and other social media.  Then if, when needed or necessary, we look for some formal, structured learning activity.   

However, in organizations, the workplace, education, knowledge management and learning, training and development are usually in separate departments if not silos, or may have one but not the other. 

The tendency for learning, training, development is to first go for the formal, structured learning event instead of first providing info, knowledge, and then seeing if any classroom workshop or class is needed.  Info, knowledge may not be thought of or provided at any point.  

Why Maximizing organization (workplace, business) AND
individual (employee, staff; student, faculty)
learning/development ……..?

Its vision, goal and action steps mirror what the enormous popularity and intense use of Google, Google searches, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media clearly shows:  

♦ Our strong, powerful, passionate desire for information, knowledge and resources; education, learning and development; improvement; success/fulfillment, and for maximizing, optimizing all of it.     

♦ And we want what we need when we need it—this instant, right NOW!  Some call that “just time in learning” or may it’s “instant gratification” (either way you can have it).   That’s what the One Stop, Store and Programs are mainly for, to make a reality. 

Furthermore, organization and individual (employee, staff) development, continuous improvement can’t be siloed or not offered. They are interdependent, interrelated like left and right hands and feet are. The job, manager, culture, working conditions, pay, promotion, professional development we need/want are made possible, brought to us or not by the organization, workplace, business we work in.  And vice versa, employees, staff; students, faculty can “make or break” being a best/great place to work (and go to school if college/university), “employer of choice”, “best in class”. 

Therefore, organization and individual development/effectiveness, continuous improvement need to “team up”, and be balanced, integrated like the Baldrige Excellence Framework accomplishes for organizations, the Accreditation process attains for colleges/universities, and what Life, Work Life Balance/Integration achieves for us individually.  How about Organization/Workplace Balance, Integration?  Consequently, Organization & Employee Development (OED) is a discipline of Human Resources that “unites and advances the business objectives of all other functions of an organization”.

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