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Don’t Let Your COVID Guard Down. Keep Giving It Your Best Shot.

You may think that giving it your best shot means taking the COVID vaccine, and the news and billboards tell us that our best shot against COVID is the vaccination (and not much else).

But that is not all that can or is needed to protect us against COVID or any virus, and it’s not the only virus that gets us.   

Furthermore, there is much more to protect or guard against besides viruses, and that has also taken over our lives.    

It’s the bad, dreadful state our health is in, such as:  

X Our lousy; health, life-threatening junk, processed “food” diet saturated with unhealthy, addicting sugar, salt and oils. 

X Widespread disease, sickness, “aches and pains” you see and hear about so much, too much like heart attack, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or dementia.

X Enormous consumption of prescription and over-the-counter drugs that keep us going, alive, and compromise beyond repair proper functioning of our body’s organs!, and possibly causing death!

See more in 1 and   

Personally, for me, I am constantly, almost always hearing about people, someone having cancer, heart attack or diabetes. 

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So what will address the bad, dreadful state of our health and provide more needed COVID/virus protection than just a vaccine—ESPECIALLY IF YOU WON’T TAKE IT?  

It’s building up and strengthening, improving our health, wellness and immune system. That our life and what it’s like depends on, whether it’s longer or shorter; a comfortable, enjoyable one, or miserable and full of “aches and pains” and pills/drugs. IF YOU WON’T DO A VACCINE, THEN TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH!  

That’s what we need to go “all out” for and keep giving it our best shot in the most powerful, effective ways, such as: 

1 Keep what’s most important and valuable in mind such as who and what you are living for; how important you are to yourself, loved ones and close friends, and what would happen if you were suddenly incapacitated or gone.    

2 Look in the mirror and give yourself a hard, honest talk.  Confront yourself about the reality of your health, and what it needs or has to change.

3 Be clear and detailed about what your most important health, wellness goals, needs and interests are and 

4 What and How to change, strengthen or improve your health and immune system.

5 Write down and address any blocks, barriers and excuses for not doing what you know perfectly well your health and immune system need/require.  Use Action Plan for 3-5 

6 Tell friends, family, who’s closest to you about what your health, wellness goals are, and what you are trying to change or improve so they can support, remind you and help with accountability.

7 Have a health, wellness support and accountability partner or team who is good at helping to hold you  accountable and meet your health, wellness needs, interests and goals.

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8 Get together with those who are role models or rock stars with their health, wellness.  Find out how and why they are successful, and what you can use/apply that will help you.

9 Find a health, wellness expert to be your guide and help meet your health, wellness needs and goals starting with a Health, Nutrition, Diet Assessment (10).  For me, it’s Sunday Muniz 6220 Washington Ave Mount Pleasant, WI 262-632-6500.  She saved me healthwise; I was lost and then found.

10 Do a Health, Nutrition, Diet Assessment that tells what vitamins, minerals, nutrients you are deficient, excessive; missing or lacking (30 possibilities and major reason for disease, sickness, “aches and pains”). ______________

11 Eat more natural, plant-based foods like fresh vegetables and fruits, and cut down, lessen junk, processed food.   

The trick is not to try and stop junk, processed food eating but to put something else in its place—instead of a hamburger, eat a “beyond burger”; instead of a piece of  chocolate, try a piece of your favorite fresh fruit.

12 Make regular, consistent/ongoing changes or improvements with your health, wellness like biweekly SMART Goal, baby-step changes

13 Learn and practice the basics/fundamentals of health, wellness just like you would learning to play a sport or musical instrument.  See 

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Don’t wait, give it your best shot now. Your life depends on it.  Contact Randy for questions, further info; discussion, support, assistance, coaching; talk, workshop or webinar. 

Randy Bennett Ed.D. 
Change, Support and Accountability  

Bio 847 809-4821