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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

Biweekly Health Change Model

♥ Fed up, had enough, really want to do something about COVID
and other serious diseases that plague us—WHAT’S BEST, MOST EFFECTIVE?

 ♥ Concerned, worried that you, your own, family, friends could catch it or be next for some other serious disease like cancer, heart attack, alzheimer’s, dementia?   

♥ Maybe one of them has had COVID or another serious disease and now must really/truly take care of his/her health!

Then this BIWEEKLY HEALTH CHANGE MODEL is just what you, your family and friends need! 

Top, primary purpose, goals include:   

1 For you, family, friends to make the most needed, necessary health changes, improvements or breakthroughs, and   

2 “Do something about” the sad, sorry, dreadful state/condition our health is in—1 in  As a result,    

3 Start a new norm for personal healthcare  There is just way too much death; disabling, debilitation or losing wellness, well-being by COVID and other serious diseases.   It’s “out of control”.  You, friend or family member could be next.  

So all of us need to, must be continuously changing, strengthening or improving our health.  Being unhealthy and having a poor immune system is no longer possible, an option.   

How are 1-3 accomplished?  Begin with:  

1 Biweekly health change meetings and in for making a health change, improvement or breakthrough every 2 weeks, and 

2 HCT Forum; Team/Community for ongoing/continuous, anytime support, assistance and accountability; learning, change, improvement; working together, collaborating; team, community building in between meetings.     

Don’t wait—for something to happen. Contact Randy NOW for a range of in-person or virtual help from Q&A to webinar—Q&A, further info; discussion, meeting; support, assistance; advising, coaching; talk/presentation, workshop/webinar.  

Thank you! for sharing, posting, passing to family, friends and others you know.  

Randy Bennett Ed.D. 
Change, Support and Accountability 
Team, CommunityEAM/COMMUNITY)

847 809-4821
847 809-4821