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Maximizing/optimizing individual AND organization development (

What do organizations, workplaces (and staff, employees) want the most like a best/great place to work; employer of choice; staying ahead, being better than the competition, and how do they (successfully) attain it?  

“Becoming an employer of choice means that applicants are eager to work for you, that people envy your employees, that you receive unsolicited resumes, and that your most talented workers stay with the company throughout their careers.”

t’s through individual (staff, employee) AND organization development, continuous improvement, or vice versa.  And maximizing/optimizing them.  What a legacy (leave behind, be remembered for) that would be for its leaders/senior management!

Why have individual (Assessment and Professional, Career Development) AND organization (Baldrige Excellence Framework) development go and grow together?

It enables and empowers holistic, comprehensive, full service strategy, planning and implementation for the entire organization/workplace and its employees, staff.  How?: because they are both interdependent, impact/affect and need each other like our right and left eyes, ears, hands and feet.  There isn’t one without the other.      

Individual (employee, staff) development needs the support, assistance and resources of the organization and its development, continuous improvement.  In return, in order to have them, it needs to align with and support the organization’s development, continuous improvement, and particularly Workforce Category 5 and Leadership Category 1 in the Baldrige Excellence Framework. 

The Human Resources field/profession having an Organization and Employee Development discipline is recognizing; showing just how vital and important the connection, link or bond is between the two.  See Maximizing organization development and the Baldrige Excellence Framework below.   

Likewise, Assessment and Professional, Career Development are also interdependent, support one another and need to go together.

Assessment is not done for its own sake, but for a reason, purpose; a particular goal like individual (staff, employee) development—Assessment and Professional, Career Development; Continuous Improvement.  In turn, the best results/outcomes for Professional, Career Development come from a solid, deep, well-articulated knowledge and understanding of self, others and groups that the Assessments below can produce.

For Maximizing/optimizing organization development, continuous improvement, it’s utilizing this holistic, comprehensive, gourmet menu of options or possibilities (not exhaustive): 

1 Baldrige Excellence Framework (and Award)—7 time-tested, evidence-based categories or criteria for performance, organization excellence. It’s a foundation, infrastructure, platform or launching pad for what organizations, workplaces (and staff, employees) want the most like a best/great place to work; employer of choice; staying ahead, being better than the competition, and how to (successfully) attain it. 

For evidence or a business case that Baldrige works, makes a difference, see Baldrige 20I20 Executive Guide to Criteria for Performance Excellence, and How Baldrige Standards Have Become the Common Language for Organizational Excellence.  Baldrige is also just like the performance, organizational excellence models and awards in Australia, Canada, Europe and Singapore that are best practice; research, evidence-based as well.

A. Start with organization assessment such as the Baldrige Excellence Builder or employee and leader perception questionnaires.  That is like starting with Assessments for maximizing individual (staff, employee) development.  See below.  

Note: The Baldrige Categories don’t all have to be assessed or implemented.  It could be just one or two to begin with, or as needed. Workplace Category 5 and Leadership Category 1 are ones that particularly apply to individual (employee, staff) development.

2 Learning Organization—learning, development/growth, continuous improvement are company wide; part of an organization’s culture and “standard operating procedure”   

3 Appreciative Inquiry—addressing, strengthening/improving and celebrating organization/workplace vision, mission, “core business”, and what’s right, working well, and not just focusing on problems/issues and what is wrong

4 What would you add to help bring together, integrate, maximize/ optimize organization AND individual development, and attain what’s needed/wanted most.

Note: there is also “total quality” improvement of procedures, processes most notably in manufacturing and technology, such as balanced scorecard, deming prize, ISO 9000, lean management, six sigma.    

AND for Maximizing/optimizing both individual (employee, staff) development, and being a best/great place to work, employer of choice, it’s:

♦ Utilizing a rich, comprehensive, diverse battery, smorgasbord or gourmet menu of 1 Assessments and 2 Professional, Career Development (not exhaustive), and

♦Aligning with and supporting the organization’s development, continuous improvement, and particularly Workforce Category 5 and Leadership Category 1 in the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

1 Assessments for (solid, deep, well-articulated) Knowledge and Understanding of Self, Others, Groups include:

A First Order of Business: You

B Complete Self-Assessment, Individual Profile

C Energy Journal

D Wagon Wheel Exercise                                         

E Strong Interest Inventory 

F Enneagram

G StrengthsFinder/CliftonStrengths

H Myers Briggs

I Disc

J What would you add

2 Professional, Career Development; Continuous Improvement includes:

A One Stop MaxFulfillment Learning and Resource Center

B MaxFulfillment Programs

C MaxFulfillment, Fundraising Store

D Talent Acquisition, Management

E Workforce Environment and Engagement (Category 5 in the Baldrige Excellence Framework)

F Individual Development Plan

G Optimal Learning, Professional Development and Improvement

Career change, advancement–Improving, strengthening performance appraisals; promotion, pay raise; more responsibility, decision making; new position (internal/external)

I Life Career Portfolio

J Safeguarding Your Career and Ensuring Its Success 

Leadership Development (Category 1 in the Baldrige Excellence Framework)

L Meeting the Challenge and Responsibility of Leadership

M Vision and the Meaning of Service

N Work Life Balance, Integration

O Maximizing/Optimizing Support and Advancement of Adults Education

P Gaining Sound, Credible, High Quality Information

Q What would you add   

Organizations/workplaces attaining what they need, want the most whether it’s best/great; employer of choice; staying ahead, being better than the competition is like an orchestra performing a beautiful, magnificent symphony.

It has all the right musicians and instruments, none missing; in their correct position, nothing out of place; all ready, well-prepared and motivated to perform their part, and are conducted, orchestrated perfectly/flawlessly. 

What is a “symphony”, a piece of organization AND individual development that you; your organization, workplace need/want to perform the most, and how will you conduct, orchestrate it?  


For questions, further information, docs/links, additions, discussion, ideas, suggestions or what you; your organization, workplace wants, contact:

Randy Bennett Ed.D.

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