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There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

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Greetings!  Adult students (prospective, associate, undergrad, grad, stop outs, “ABD/T”s); graduates, alumni.   

I have been, still am an Adult Student like you, from B.A. to Ed.D. They have been door openers, Passports to Success, and filled with “once in a lifetime”; life changing, transformative experiences.  So, I am impassioned and devoted to you being successful, fulfilled as well!

Don’t Make Summer a Bummer
Be an “Up and Comer”

► Start the degree (Associate to Ph.D.), certificate program, continuing education you have always wanted to do—to get ahead, be an “up and comer”, but keep putting off.  

► Gain clarity if undecided.  Overcome fear or intimidation going back or stepping inside school.

► Go after and gain what you want from a, your degree, certificate, continuing education like better performance appraisals; promotion, pay raise, greater responsibility/decision making; career change, new position (internal/external); start, further a  business; more work life balance/integration.   

► Catch up if behind, and graduate on time, in a timely manner.
Make up any incompletes; finish any missing homework, assignments; keep up with research papers, thesis or dissertation.

Reach out for more, better support, assistance if what you have is not enough, or not gaining the ROI/E (Return on Investment/Expectation) you want and what you are investing, expecting or wanting out of your degree, certificate, continuing education. 

► Stop outs, Drop outs, ABD/Ts (All but dissertation/thesis), come back, continue, finish up and graduate.  Have ‘peace of mind’, set a good example, don’t miss out on the doors that Education–degree, certificate, continuing education can open up.

► Other ?  ___________________________________________

If any of those up and coming, getting ahead goals, action steps or others apply to you, then contact me right away  for: 

► Complimentary discussion, presentation; tools, programs and resources in;

Your own, personal, full-service, start to finish, “One Stop” Adult Student and Career Services Office (ASCS) (, and

Connecting you with any other support, assistance that’s needed!

I look forward to your call or email.  Don’t wait; time does “fly by”. September, end of August; start of the new school year will be here before you know it.   

You certainly don’t want to fall flat in the Fall!  Think of graduation, completion; doors opening; success, fulfillment instead.  

Regards, Randy

Randy Bennett Ed.D.
MaxFulfillment (Vision)
MaxAdultsEducation (Prime example)
Not The Answer but your answer
847 809-4821

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