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There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,

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Be free and clear in the New Year; Don’t be left in the rear!  

Greetings!  Adult students (prospective, associate, undergrad, grad, stop outs, “ABD/T”s) and graduates/alumni (Traditional, 18 – 22 students too).

Are you:

 Wanting to go back to school but not doing anything about it?  Undecided about which degree (associate to Ph.D.), certificate program is best, right for you?  Don’t like the one you are in, want to transfer or make a change?  Overwhelmed with all the choices or possibilities?

 Struggling; having a hard time keeping up and not falling behind?  
Worried, unsure about whether you will make it through school and graduate, be a success.  stop out, drop out or “ABD/T” (All but the Dissertation or Thesis)? 

► Behind, missing or incomplete with any homework, assignments, research papers, thesis or dissertation?   

► Seeking a new position (internal/external), promotion or pay raise, and not finding one, getting replies or any offers?  If you will be looking, changing or advancing your career, are you being proactive and taking action NOW, or waiting until you graduate, have to look or make a change?

 Needing more support, assistance than you are getting.  Not gaining the ROI or what you wanted, expected from your degree (Associate to Ph.D.), certificate or continuing education? 

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If it’s yes to any of those questions and you might have others, then don’t have anything worrying you, holding you back, always on your mind, or “hanging over your head”. 

Be free and clear in the New Year; Don’t be left in the rear!  

Contact me right away for: 

► Complimentary presentation, consultation, and tools, programs and resources in ; (over 35 to choose from);

Your own, personal, full-service, start to finish, “One Stop” Adult Student and Career Services Office (ASCS) ( that’s unique, different, special in 14 powerful, effective ways (

►  Connecting you with any other support, assistance you need–what matters most of all!  

Don’t wait. Time does “fly by”.  January and the start of a new semester/quarter will be here before you know it!  

And keep this in mind: A degree (Associate to Ph.D.), certificate can be Your Passport to Success! AND one of those “once in a lifetime, life changing, transformative  experiences”  Call me about the ones I have had as an Adult Student (BA to Ed.D.) like you.  See P.S. below.

I look forward to your call or email.

Regards, Randy

Randy Bennett Ed.D.

847 809-4821

P.S.  Get 
Thank You! gifts from over 35 tools, programs or resources in ;  for:

► Any input, ideas or suggestions, and/or

► Posting, emailing, passing Be Free and Clear in the New Year! (‎) along to people, places and websites.  

Just about any group, workplace or organization has those interested in advancing their education–degree (Associate to Ph.D.), certificate, continuing education; back in school; finishing up or a graduate—at all levels: staff/employees, managers, administrators, executives, vice presidents.

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