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The Democratic Party Platform’s calling for Education as a basic right; and free and debt free college education speaks to the role, importance and value of Education in attaining the work and life Americans want most.  A BA if not a Masters is a standard requirement for most decent paying, worthwhile professional jobs.  Education can also be Your Passport to Success and a Once in a lifetime, transformative experience.  Call me about the ones I have had as a BA to Ed.D. Adult Student myself.  


But students, especially Adult Students can face questions, issues, challenges in attaining a degree, certificate just like with other major work and life endeavors.  They can need/require support, assistance; a partner, coach, team or village just like goals, jobs, projects and initiatives at work and in life do.  Consequently, colleges/universities typically don’t have just degrees, certificates but some kind of Student and Career Services.  In fact, Student Services is an accreditation requirement.

This Adult Student and Career Services Office (ASCS) ( and 14 ways it’s unique, different, special ( show questions, issues, challenges Adult Students face, and what’s needed to address them.  Making college education free and debt free will bring in even more Adult Students needing or requiring support, assistance. 

Furthermore, needed Adults Education Support and Advancement; Adult Student and Career Services is lacking, missing in school AND the workplace, community.  College/university Student and Career Services are more oriented, set up and funded for traditional, 18 to 22 year old college students than for Adult Students, 30 and above. The workplace has just, primarily tuition reimbursement, and its development like talent, leadership, management development is lacking or missing Education Support and Advancement, Adult Student Services like community groups/organizations do..


So, complete, optimal support and advancement of Adults Education–degree (Associate to Ph.D.), certificate, continuing education is needed in school AND the workplace, community like college/universities strive to provide for traditional, 18 to 22 yr old students. ASCS, for example could be made available as a resource, a handout; in emails, publications; on a school, workplace or community website; part of tuition reimbursement, or as a voluntary benefit

Most important is Education and its needed, necessary Support going together, staying together, and not being separate, separated.  That means thinking of and saying for example, not just Adults Education but Adults Education AND Adult Student and Career Services or not just Tuition Reimbursement, but Tuition Reimbursement AND Education Support and Advancement.  See for more on maximizing/optimizing Adults Education support and advancement utilizing the Adult Student and Career Services (ASCS) mentioned earlier. . 

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For Thank You Gifts; any questions, further information, consultation about Adults Education AND ASCS, contact:

Randy Bennett Ed.D.

847 809-4821

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