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HCT (HEALTH Change, Support and Accountability TEAM/COMMUNITY)

There’s way too much information.
What’s needed is transformation,




Degree (Associate to Ph.D.), Certificate, 
Continuing Education
in School AND the Workplace, Community  









Randy Bennett Ed.D.
June 2018 Rev.



The Table of Contents below has the links to all the pages in MaxAdultsEducation.  They just have not been printed out and attached.  It is truly an ebook.

I have been, still am an Adult Student like you, from B.A. to Ed.D. They have been door openers, Passports to Success, and filled with “once in a lifetime”; life changing, transformative experiences. I am impassioned and devoted to you being successful, fulfilled as well!

Thank you! for any discussion, comments, ideas or suggestions about Maximizing Support and Advancement of Adults Education and any of the contents in the Table below. 

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Maximizing Support and Advancement of
Adults Education (MaxAdultsEducation) 

► Your Passport to Success and a
“Once in a Lifetime Experience” are
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► Adult Student and Career Services Office (ASCS) 

 Case for (Maximizing) Support and
Advancement of Adults Education

How to Support and Advance Adults Education—
Degree, Certificate, Continuing Education
in School AND the Workplace, Community


Motivators for every season are for motivating, inspiring Adult Students and Grads to take care of any questions, challenges or issues from start to finish.

Don’t fall in the Fall!
Don’t fall short when school starts in the Fall!

Be free and clear in the New Year,
Don’t be left in the rear!

Put a spring in your SPRING.
Have nothing holding you back, or
“hanging over your head”,
but a “jump for joy” instead.

Don’t Make Summer a Bummer;
Be an “Up and Comer”!

Core Competencies  

 School’s First Order of Business: YOU

Gaining Sound Credible High Quality Info

Professional/Personal, Career Development,
Improvement and Success

More for achieving what your degree, certificate, continuing education is for

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